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The Next Ultimate Android Tablet – Torque DROIDZ Ultimate

Torque Next Mobile DevicesA few days back I was at the Torque Media Launch at Le Pavillon in Pasay City. And while Torque presented a wide range of Android-powered Smartphones at the event, what grabbed my attention was, for me, the next ultimate Android Tablet – Torque DROIDZ Ultimate. Torque DROIDZ Ultimate

Set to be released early January, the DROIDZ Ultimate tablet will run on the latest Android 4.1 OS, the Jelly Bean. What initially captured my attention was the huge screen which I prefer. As a matter of fact, my plan should I buy a tablet is to get the iPad because of the size factor. Obviously, Torque’s version pales in comparison with Apple’s baby as far as the screen is concerned with its 9.7″ XGA 1024×768 capacitive touchscreen. But it definitely has a several things that the iPad doesn’t have.

Torque DROIDZ Ultimate Tablet
Aside from the big real estate, the next ultimate Android Tablet comes equipped with dual SIM slot with dual standby capability. That means I can insert a broadband SIM on the one slot and a standard SIM on the other. As a matter of fact, I intend to insert broadband SIMs from different carrier. That’s to ensure that I have reliable Internet connection wherever I go. After all, I already have a phone that I can use for call and text. The prospect of not having to carry a pocket WiFi device nor have to worry about being connected to a WiFi service wherever I am. Aside from being the usual Bluetooth and WiFi capable device, it can also be used for WiFi Tethering. That means I can even share my connectivity with my other devices or with friends. The tablet’s broadband connection is on HSDPA 7.2Mbps/HSUPA 5.76 Mbps, 3.5G HSDPA 850/900/1900/2100MHZ and Quadband GSM/EDGE 850/900/1800/1900MHZ.

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Torque DROIDZ Ultimate Tablet Dual SIM Slot

Under the hood, the Torque DROIDZ ultimate runs an MT6577 1GHZ Dual Core processor with 8GB Memory, 1GB RAM and supports micro-SD storage of up to 32GB. This tablet can be considered a multimedia powerhouse as it comes equipped with Mobile TV, FM Radio and has dual cameras – the rear is an 8MP shooter with LED flash while the front facing camera offers 2MP resolution. Surfing the web and viewing photos and videos is easy because of the screen’s multi-touch zoom feature.
Back of Torque DROIDZ Ultimate with Ports Torque’s Android tablet comes with HDMI port, a 3.5MM stereo headset jack and supports micro-USB connection. With all the features mentioned, we were told that Torque is targeting to sell the DROIDZ Ultimate under Php10,000. This is good news! Torque CEO Christoper Uyco himself discussed the new line up of Torque mobile devices and he shared that his company’s strategy is really to help Filipinos experience the latest technology at affordable price. Kudos!

I hope to get a review of this unit so I can really make a well-informed decision in getting a tablet. The main reason why I’m holding back was my not-so-good experience with an Android tablet from another local brand. I actually received a review unit late last year but ended up not reviewing it because the experience was really bad. I ended up returning the tablet without being able to maximize it’s use.

I’m really looking forward to the next ultimate Android tablet – Torque DROIDZ Ultimate. To get updates I’m keeping tab of Torque’s official websiteand Facebook.



  1. what does 9.7″ XGA 1024×768 means?

  2. whoooose naku… siguro palpak ang quality,.. kaya di mailabas-labas,.. ang tagal na inanounce jan.1 2013 pa,, hanggang ngayun wala pa rin sa market,..

  3. May idea na po kung kelan ang Release Date?

  4. is the torque ultimate already in the market? any updates about it? up to now I don’t hear anything, its now feb 1st wk. hoping for a reply..

  5. May idea na po kung kelan ang Release Date?

  6. May idea na po kung kelan ang Release Date?

  7. May idea na po kung kelan ang Release Date?

  8. May idea na po kung kelan ang Release Date?

  9. Is this out already? Its Feb 28 now. I want to buy this. I am now confused if I buy this or the CM quadcore tablet

    • Unfortunately, this is still not out. We’ve been trying to get in touch with Torque, but we still haven’t received any feedback. Just like you, I’ve been waiting for this device. And I might go for CM’s Bolt instead

    • really cherry has quad c? wow !! but most saying units are disposables once error occured, is this all true?

  10. grabeh ang tagal… i can’t wait nah,,,,

  11. May idea na po kung kelan ang Release Date?

  12. pasensya na po… naghihintay din lang kami ng information

  13. this tablet is not yet in the market. we also didn’t get updates from Torque

  14. January supposed to be. Wala po akong update

  15. hindi pa po ito available sa market

  16. May idea na po kung kelan ang Release Date?

  17. kelan po release nung ultimate tablet?

  18. release na po ba ultimate droidz? saan po ba ang outlet?

  19. is the torque ultimate already availbale in the market? its now feb and up to now I don’t hear updates about it..

  20. is the torque ultimate already availbale in the market? its now feb and up to now I don’t hear updates about it..

  21. Is this out in the market?

  22. Hi Enef. The Droidz Ultimate is not yet available in the market. We no longer have an idea when it will be released.

  23. I am around las pinas and drop by at sm southmall to check the ultimate sadly their not available, could you advice where I can see them? thanks

  24. I am curious abt the newest ultimate tab fr torque, can this be use if I travel to US, re its phone function and wi fi.

  25. @[187346977988645:274:The City Roamer] kc i have set na m sahod for january to buy sana DROIDZ Portal, pero mas gusto ko tong latest nyo, kaya antay2x ako. i have more than 1000 friends here in fb, pag nabili ko na tong DRIODZ Ultimate, post ko kagad sa wall ko in public mode pa. hehhe.

  26. 9.7″ is the screen size, XGA (Extended Graphics Array) 1024×768 is the graphics display resolution

  27. what does 9.7″ XGA 1024×768 means?

  28. Hi Trisha. This is not yet available sa market. According to Torque during the presscon that I attended, it will be available this January. Don’t know when exactly, will keep you posted 🙂

  29. I AM WAITING FOR THE ULTIMATE DROIDZ TABLET! kailan ba yun ilalabas? naiinip nako! ilabas nyo na please! sana this week na.

  30. Available na po ba ito sa Market?
    pwede po mag Order Online?

  31. Wow! This looks like a really good tablet to watch out for. I haven’t considered buying a tablet yet, but if I do, I’ll definitely look into Torque DROIDZ Ultimate. It seems promising and targeted at a friendly price 🙂 Hope they release this soon.

  32. Torque Android Tablet? Hmm. I just wish they could also build their own reputation ike that of Apple and Samsung 🙂

  33. A tablet for less than 10,000. Torch is really empowering the consumers with this offer as this is such a good deal.

  34. If only torque had been there years ago I would have chosen it, I bought my tab (samsung) years ago and it still working fine with me but if ever I will change it I will consider this product too. Thanks for sharing the review =)

  35. I know Torque is made in the Philippines. Is that the cheapest android in the philippines? Generally, majority of the people say that tablet tablets will replace the laptop. What do you think? Torque droidz ultimate all I want for Christmas is you!!!

  36. I am planning to buy a tablet for my son’s birthday. I am considering alot of options but after redaing your post, i think will go second check out android. thank you for sharing!

  37. Is Torque is a Filipino brand, and this tablet is made in the Philippines? It was nice to read about your multiple SIMs to ensure constant internet connection. Definitely a sign of a serious blogger. 🙂

    • The need to be connected all of the time, that’s why I want a constant internet connect. 🙂

      Yes, Torque is a Filipino brand. The product development and other process except for manufacturing is done here in the Philippines. Manufacturing is done in China, just like other popular brands like Apple.

  38. it is always nice to see competition in the tablet market now dominated by two giant names. what is more interesting is that this one is pinoy (though manufactured in china). i hope this works out well in the market

    • I also hope that Torque’s DROIDZ Ultimate would play out well in the market. The demo unit they showed us is pretty solid in built, and the target price is very affordable. I’m not at all worried about the fact that these devices are manufactured in China, because even Apple’s iPhone and other devices are also manufactured in that country.

  39. I am not a sucker for tablets but what I am really interested in is their samsung note-like phone Droidz Motion! 🙂 I really want to own one.

  40. Good to know that PINOYS are having a tablet version of their own. I wish it can compete internationally.

  41. Wow, this droid is a kicker. I would also want that screen wide feature for my daily rounds in blogging. Having it loaded with 2 different network sims for your uninterrupted Internet connection is a very bright idea.

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