My First Zalora Shopping Experience

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it’s good to see that e-commerce has finally caught on in the Philippines. Now there are more online shopping portal competing against the other. One of the most aggressive in promoting is Zalora, with their ad banners on every websites that I visit.

Middle of this month I got interested on the stuff shown on those banner ads that i decided to visit the website. The items on Zalora are stylish. I was drawn to their shoe collection, particularly the ones for casual wear.

Online Shopping - Men's Shoes at Zalora

I love the colors and the style. And when I saw that I get P250 discount on my first purchase, I made the decision to shop. After all, I still have some cash on my PayPal account. I was initially going for a sneaker that would only cost some about P700 but I will have to pay the delivery cost. I decided to go for a Mick + Marty Black and Red combination boat shoes. Online Shopping at Zalora - Mick + Marty Men's Boat Shoes.bmpThe style is perfect since it’s almost a slip on. I would have gone with a loafer, but my last purchase was already in that style, so I opted for this. Making a purchase at Zalora is very easy; the only challenge is in choosing which item to buy because there are quite a lot of selections. After paying P1,000 via PayPal, I simply waited for the delivery.

i placed my order on a Monday, it arrived on a rainy Wednesday afternoon. It’s good that the box is sealed in plastic as the delivery guy is only on motorcycle. The item is perfectly wrapped and sealed. I was excited to see how it looked like, I immediately went to the “unboxing” LOL!

i love my new shoes! Although the red color is on the darker side compared to what’s on the web, I liked it even more. The material is made of canvass and it’s very light to wear. I noticed an ampao inside the box and when I opened it, it’s another discount card, tempting me to shop more at Zalora.
My Shoes + Another Discount Coupon - Shopped at Zalora

I still eying a lot of stuff on Zalora. There are bags, more shoes, etc. I love online shopping because it’s very convenient. It frees up all my time for other stuff to do.

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