LG Home Entertainment’s 84-inch Ultra HD 3D Smart TV

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At the latter part of the year 2012, I had the opportunity to represent Gadget Gambit as LG Home Entertainment unveils the world’s largest LED TV. It’s the 84-inch Ultra HD 3D Smart TV. Held at the Poliform Showroom in Makati City, the venue is the right setting for this breakthrough technology. LG Executive during the launch of LG Home Entertainment - 84-inch Ultra HD 3D Smart TVLG’s 84-inch Ultra HD 3D Smart TV was given the “Best of Innovations” award in the Video Display category in the 2013 International CES Innovations Awards. This LED TV renders four times the resolution of the 42-inch LED High-Definition TV that’s now in the market, the 3840×2160 resolution offers vivid and crisp images. It is also equipped with LG’s Resolution Upscaler Plus technology, ensuring that whatever it is you’re watching, it is rendered in higher details even if the content is not meant for such viewing. Such features are truly deserving of recognitions.

HD Technology has caught up so fast globally. I remember working in a contact center back in 2007 where I was involved with a US-based satellite TV provider. At that time, HD programming is very few. That’s no longer the case as HD TVs are now available around the world. But with LG’s Ultra HD 3D Smart TV, there is no need to worry even if your content uses standard definition. That’s because this home entertainment system has the 2D to 3D technology. No need to fret about not having a 3D content. LG Home Entertainment - 84-inch Ultra HD 3D Smart TV

During the launch, I was able to experience the viewing pleasure of watching on an 84-inch Ultra HD 3D Smart TV fixed on the wall as if using the mounting brackets at standandmounts. I was really amazed that a usual video recording was turned into 3D. And the depth of the images can even be adjusted. It looked like the images are popping out of the screen. it feels like I’m inside a theatre with the cool cinematic 3D experience.

Audio was also given attention as LG’s 84-inch Ultra HD 3D Smart TV comes equipped with a 2.2 speaker system consisting of two 10W speakers and two 15W woofers. The viewing experience is further enhanced with the quality of sound. It perfectly compliments the amazing visuals produced by the huge screen. Enjoying the show on LG Home Entertainment - 84-inch Ultra HD 3D Smart TVAnd because this is a Smart TV, it can be connected to the Internet and run apps using LG’s proprietary software where one can download over 1,200 apps. Family fun time is not just while watching TV but while surfing the web too. Priced at Php849,990, LG’s 84-inch Ultra HD 3D Smart TV is definitely not for everyone. But the knowledge that such technology is now available to consumers can only mean that it can soon be integrated in lower-end LED HD TV and be enjoyed by everyone.

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