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I grabbed the opportunity to learn more about having a healthy hair and scalp at Vigen Scalp Clinic because of my thinning hair. For over a year now, I noticed that I’m beginning to lose my hair. It’s all part of aging, I know, but I also blame it on the genes. My father’s side suffered from hair loss as well. At a young age, I remember that my dad already has a receding hairline. I’ve been trying to downplay my condition, but have been concerned that my scalp has been clearly visible.

Vigen Scalp Clinic InteriorLocated at the ground floor of Richbelt Terraces along Annapolis in Greenhills, Vigen Scalp Clinic has spacious hallways and cubicles that ensures privacy. I was ushered into the Consultation Station where there’s a huge LED monitor and some interesting equipment. As soon as I’m seated and the therapist settled, the assessment began.

Consultation at Vigen Scalp Clinic

The therapist scanned my scalp with a special microscopic camera which magnified my scalp and hair several times. I noticed there’s a translucent substance on my scalp. I learned that it’s a thin film of chemicals and debris left by pollution, shampoos and other hair products that I used. A reddish scalp means it’s inflamed. That’s what I have, causing irritations and itchiness.

inflamed scalp
inflamed scalp

I have to admit I’ve been switching from one shampoo to another every month. The buildup also blocked the pores that affected the growth of my hair. Each pores should have more than 2 hairs growing; I have either one or two. I was so scared as my scalp and hair gets projected on the screen while the therapist explains everything. It was really concerning.

All hope is not lost, apparently, as there is a way for me to regain my crowning glory. Vigen Scalp Clinic offers a variety of treatments that will safely cleanse my scalp to make it healthy and stimulate hair growth. I had the chance to try them out after the consultation.

I had the basic Scalp Healing Care Program which is a 14-step process that lasted for about an hour. The program includes the intensive scalp scaling, the patented ION deep cleansing, the application of a scalp healing and regenerating solution, and an infrared scalp therapy. Miss Ho explained to us that the highlight of all programs is the Water Acupuncture, which uses to massage the scalp and stimulate it to health. And because I need treatment for hair loss, I had a treatment that involved the application of imported specialized treatment that promotes hair growth. I can feel that something penetrated my scalp, like a syringe piercing me, although it’s not painful.

Imported Treatment and Equipment at Vigen Scalp Clinic
Imported Treatment and Equipment

While I get my scalp treatment, I also get a pressurized massage, aromatherapy and a hot shoulder compress – this is actually a relaxation component that’s part of the entire scalp care program. After the treatment I feel relaxed, as if I just came out of a spa. I would say that Vigen Scalp Clinic offers a holistic approach to scalp treatment.

I’m glad that I didn’t pass up with this opportunity. Not only am I now more knowledgeable of my scalp and hair condition, I am now more aware that something can be done with it. I will definitely be back one of these days. As a matter of fact, I plan to save up so I can have their entire program that will help eliminate hair loss. Everyone can have a healthy hair and scalp at Vigen Scalp Clinic. Visit for more details.


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