A Cupid Roamed SM Southmall

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It’s the love month and tomorrow, it’ll be Valentine’s Day. Do you have a Valentine? Or are you still waiting for little cupid to strike your heart with his arrow? Have you heard that a cupid roamed SM Southmall lately? Check this video out. Don’t dare miss it. Even the love of your life might not be able to give you this much sweetness. 🙂

That cute little boy giving roses is Jacobo. He definitely looks like a little Cupid, though he tossed the diapers and wore a suit and tie instead. Credits to the people behind this cute video.

#JacoboStarring: Jacobo aka “The Heartbreak Kid”
Special thanks to SM Supermalls ❤
Shot on location @ SM SouthMall
Music: ‘Be My Valentine’ by Tim McMorris

Conceptualized, directed and edited by Derek Wanner
GRNMNGO – the viral company

Director of Photography — Pong Ignacio
2nd Camera Operator — Caloy Mauricio
Production Manager — Adi Lopez
Wardrobe Stylist & Production Assistant — Sam Quizon
Live Sound — Jason Conanan of Point Bee

Whether you have a Valentine or not, let the love flow. Share this to everyone you love. Happy Valentine’s Day!

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