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Splurge and Save with Proactiv Solutions

Proactiv Solution Promo

If you’re like me, I spend over a thousand pesos on skin care products. Nope, I’m no vain person, I just learned the importance of taking care of my skin at an early age. Growing up with women around me, I saw how my mom and aunts did their best to care for their skin. So when I was in my teens, they would always remind me to avoid oily foods and chocolates to avoid worsening those pimple breakouts which is normal for growing kids. I was also reminded to wash my face before I go to sleep. I remember one of my classmates in high school who had a lot of acne; everyone would tease him as “moon face” and we would all laugh. As years passed me by, the regular facial regimen was lost in the middle of the busy schedules and all. At one point I became ...

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Extra Care for Your Skin this Summer with Sunblock

The City Roamer Goes To Potipot Island

Despite the rains, there’s no denying that summer is here. With that comes all the activities with family, friends, colleagues and what-have-you. Summertime is fun time indeed! I love going to the beach and frolic under the sun, even if get dark skin or worst, sunburn. It happens once in a while, so I really care less. But I became conscious about skin care under the sun when a friend handed me a bottle of sunblock in one of our beach outing. She shared more that made me realized the need to provide extra care for skin during summer, and sunblock is the answer. One of the sunblock products I came across in the market lately is Ultra ScreenMD Sunblock. It’s the latest skin protection product from Kohl Industries Corporation that can help you stay protected against the harmful effects of excessive exposure to the sun. Sunburn and getting darker ...

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Ferrero Rocher Chocolates – What a Treat from Proactiv!

Ferrero Rocher Chocolates

Trick or Treat! It’s Halloween Season once again and commercial establishments are coming up with gimmicks. Unfortunately, most of these target the kids. But don’t fret! Proactiv Solution is giving treats to grown ups — FREE Ferrero Rocher Chocolates! Yep, you read it right. That delicious chocolates. What a treat from Proactiv! This is such an “in-your-face” declaration from the skin care company. I mean, we all have heard how chocolates causes pimples. Heck, when I was in my younger years, I totally avoided chocolates of any form whenever I have breakouts for fear of looking like a moon. I’m a keloid former and I fear that if an acne would get worse it can form into a keloid. I totally don’t want that to happen so I listen to what the oldies said. Unfortunately, the link between chocolates and acne is considered a myth. I was fooled and I ...

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NIVEA Philippines Launches NIVEA for Men Multi-Effect 8 Products

Growing in a female-dominated family, I learned to used skin care products at an early age. Astringent was one of those I applied on my face which became frequent in my adolescence in an attempt to eliminate pimples. In those days, all skin care products are marketed for women. It was only recently that we are seeing the growth of products for men. Last week, NIVEA Philippines introduced their line of products with the Multi-Effect 8 benefits to a group of bloggers. I have been using the brand’s facial wash and lotion. I was partial to their whitening variant for that extra SPF protection, plus the hope of regaining the fairness that I possess in my younger days (I wish). Last August 23rd, I joined other bloggers for the NIVEA for Men Multi-Effect 8 Challenge at the 360 Fitness Center in Makati. The event included a glimpse to the gym’s circuit ...

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