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Holy Cow, it’s Pop Corn! It’s Holy Kettle Corn!

Holy Kettle Corn Snack Packs

I’ve been seeing this small kiosk selling pop corn as I roam the city, Holly Kettle Corn reads the store name. I always wanted to try it, knowing that pop corn is actually a healthy snack compared to chips. I’ve had my share of pop corn cooking as these snack comes in many forms in the grocery. But I’m not really into such snacking form so I seldom get to buy. I’d rather eat stuff that’s more filling, but it’s a fact that sometimes, you just don’t have the time to make snacks. These types of snacks are really convenient to have, so I gave it a go and had a couple of flavors of Holy Kettle Corn. I was surprised that they come in sealed foil packs, except for one — the original flavor comes in paper packaging. I then realized this is different from another brand with an ...

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Put Your Business on the Web via Google Maps Marketing

When I started blogging seriously, I got into different places I’ve never been before. These are business establishments like restaurants, events places or areas that are either new or I didn’t find the time to visit. Blogging has really opened up a lot of opportunities to explore the city I live in as I get invited to product launches and reviews, store openings, et al. Good thing there’s the Internet, and the Philippines has caught on little by little on Google Maps marketing. Google Maps has been my go-to website whenever I’m challenged to find my way around the city. I love that the maps for the Philippines has improved a lot compared to several years ago. I now get results for almost 100% of my searches. Although I’m aware that the maps are not updated real-time, I have never been disappointed, so I can say that the local maps are pretty accurate. ...

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Finland and Portugal Lit the Skies at the 3rd Philippine International Pyromusical Competition

It was another set of spectacular competition as Finland and Portugal battle it out at the 3rd night of the Philippine International Pyromusical Competition last February 25th. The skies of the entire SM Mall of Asia was once again blasting and streaking with fireworks, dancing to the beat of different music played out loud. The 2nd night, where Spain and UK took the centerstage was already awesome and I was captivated by the latter’s presentation. I said to myself, nothing can beat that presentation. Still, I looked forward to witnessing what’s in store for us. OY Pyroman Finland Ltd.

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