Satisfying Meal for P50 or Less with Jollibee JolliSavers

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Jollibee JolliSaversWith every Jollibee JolliSavers meal, you can power up for work, payday or not. You deserve a good meal that will keep you going at work and beat those deadlines.With a satisfying meal everyday for P50 or less, you don’t have to worry about your budget.

Enjoy your favorite breakfast, lunch, and merienda without spending more. With JolliSavers meals, you get flavorful food at any time of the day. These affordable meals is very helpful when you a small budget. You can stretch your money, especially in those days just before the next paycheck comes in.

Jollibee JolliSavers for Breakfast

Jollibee JolliSavers Breakfast ShanghaiWhen you have to be really early at the office that you can’t afford a breakfast at home, Jollibee’s Breakfast JolliSavers is the way to go. Have a delicious Breakfast Shanghai (P50)! This lunchtime favorite gets a delicious twist that makes it ideal for a power breakfast. Three tasty shanghai rolls served with a steaming cup of garlic rice, a fried egg, and a serving of sweet-chili sauce make for an affordable, and delicious breakfast meal.

Jollibee JolliSavers Breakfast Yum BurgerFor the Yum Burger fans, you’ll definitely enjoy the new Breakfast Yum Burger (P45). The nation’s favorite langhap-sarap burger gets a breakfast makeover which is quite interesting. That 100% pure beef patty, a layer of Jollibee’s special burger dressing, and a fried egg are sandwiched between soft buns looks like a real yummy treat on-the-go.

Jollibee JolliSavers Pancake SandwichRounding out the roster of Breakfast JolliSavers is the Bacon & Egg Pancake Sandwich (P50). A perfect combination of favorite breakfast flavors—two fluffy pancakes, a slice of cheese melting between crispy bacon strips and fried egg—this JolliSaver will definitely satisfy your craving for your all-time breakfast favorites.

Jollibee JolliSavers All Day

Jollibee JolliSavers Burger SteakContinue your sulit-sarap enjoyment throughout lunch and merienda with JolliSavers, a selection of Jollibee’s affordable bestsellers. You don’t have to excuse yourself from lunching out with colleagues during petsa de peligro. My favorite Burger Steak (P50) makes for a completely delicious meal with a 100% pure beef patty, Jollibee’s signature mushroom gravy, and rice.

Jollibee JolliSavers SpaghettiJolly Spaghetti (P50), the meatiest, cheesiest spaghetti in town, is great for lunch or merienda, and is an excellent partner for Yum Burger (P30). For an alternative merienda treat, opt for the Jolly Hotdog (P50)— juicy hotdog nestled in a soft, warm bun, topped with a cheesy dressing, grated cheese, and tomato catsup.

Jollibee JolliSavers Yum BurgerFrom sun up to sun down, even til late nights when you have deadlines to beat, Jollibee JolliSavers lets you enjoy food that makes you think it’s payday with your everyday budget. Breakfast JolliSavers are served every day from 7 to 11 AM, while JolliSavers are available the whole day. Both are also available for drive-thru and Jollibee delivery transactions.

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