How Can You Fix a Droopy Nasal Tip?

Droopy nasal tipMany men and women struggle with a droopy nasal tip. Not only does this create an unattractive profile, but it can affect your overall appearance in a variety of ways. Improving the shape of the tip of the nose and thus rejuvenating the rest of the face can often be accomplished with a small and safe plastic surgery.

What Causes a Droopy Nasal Tip?

There are several factors that can cause a drooping nasal tip, also known as nasal tip ptosis. In most cases, the nasal tip is elongated and thinner than the rest of the nose, making it appear to be low and out of proportion. In other cases, trauma such as a deviated septum or nasal bridge can cause a droopy nose.

Having a droopy nasal tip also makes most people look older than they are. Over time, our connective tissues loosen, which can cause all nose shapes to droop. As a result, this feature is a subtle signal of age.

Although there is nothing inherently wrong with a droopy nose tip, it can dramatically change the appearance of a person’s face. It can make your lips appear much thinner, especially the upper lip. It can change the shape of your smile, so less of your upper teeth are visible. Nasal tip ptosis also can make the nose appear disproportionately large, causing other features to be less noticeable.

Can Lifting a Droopy Nasal Tip Make Lips Appear Larger?

In most cases, lifting a droopy nose tip will make the upper lip appear significantly larger. In fact, work on the nasal tip is often performed just for its effects on the upper lip and smile. Lips will appear fuller in general because they are not being overshadowed by the nose tip. In addition, there are muscles that connect the lips and the center of the nose. These muscles are usually pulled up and tightened in the process of a nasal tip rhinoplasty, which will make the upper lip appear much fuller. In general, correcting any aesthetically displeasing feature of one’s face will allow other features to appear more balanced and harmonious.

Even if a rhinoplasty does not directly change the shape of your lips, it will change the relationship between the muscles and connective tissues that connect the nose and the lips. Most people who have a rhinoplasty, especially one to correct a drippy nose tip, find that their upper lip appears much fuller and visible afterward.

Options for Lifting a Droopy Nose Tip

A nasal tip lift is one of the easiest rhinoplasty procedures to undergo. The bones in the nose do not have to be altered or broken in any way. In most cases, connective tissue can be tightened to dramatically change the appearance of the nose step. As a result, there is a much shorter healing time and very few sutures or bruising to deal with afterward.

Lifting a droopy nasal tip is merely refining the nose rather than completely reworking it. It is a subtle change. This can be performed either alone or in conjunction with other procedures on the nose. Either way, it usually has a dramatic effect on appearance, self-confidence, and facial harmony. Your plastic surgeon will discuss with you the different options that are best for your own unique facial features.droopy nose tip fixed

Rhinoplasty and Facial Appearance

Plastic surgeons are not just physicians, but artists as well. They have decades of experience in how subtle changes can affect your appearance as a whole.

Because the nose is located directly in the center of your face, its size and shape has a dramatic effect on the appearance of your bone structure and your other features. Even small imperfections can change the perceived size and shape of your eyes, mouth, and bone structure. Because nose is often droop with age, having a droopy tip lifted also can shave years off your appearance and make you look younger without any other surgery or procedures. In many cases, only minor changes are needed to get the appearance that you desire to feel confident and beautiful.

Are You Ready for a Change?

If you are in the Eau Claire area and are interested in finding out how a rhinoplasty can change the appearance of your appearance as a whole, contact Dr. Joseph W. Rucker, Jr. today. Dr. Rucker is board certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery and has performed over 10,000 plastic surgeries and counting. Contact his office today for a consultation and find out how a simple procedure can give you the beauty and self-esteem that you deserve.

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