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Jamming with Bamboo

Jamming with Bamboo is a #BeefedUpSarap Experience

Rock On With An IconI attended “Rock On With An Icon,” an event that officially welcomed Rock Star and The Voice Philippines coach Bamboo Manalac to the Jollibee Family. Held at the Craft Pub and Grill at The Fort Strip last January 21st, it was an awesome experience watching him perform. Most of all, we had a chance to sing with him and I can say that jamming with Bamboo is a #BeefedUpSarap experience. And as an icing on the cake, I was part of the group that jammed and won the competition.

I’m sure you’ve seen the newest television commercial of Jollibee for one of it’s dishes, the Garlic Pepper Beef featuring Bamboo in the lead. It’s one of my favorite dish to order, and because it’s only Php50, I can order it over and over again. For me, a beef dish makes dining special and I experience that whenever I’m at Jollibee, savoring its deliciousness. Let’s face it, beef meat is quite expensive and as much as we want to have it at home often, it can’t happen all the time. Well, at least for me. Now, every Filipino’s eating out experience can be special when dining at our favorite fastfood chain because of an affordable beef dish, the Garlic Pepper Beef.

Bamboo is now part of the Jollibee FamilyAnd just like how Jollibee’s offering is a delight to Filipino diners, Bamboo becoming part of the Jollibee family makes the line-up of ambassadors even better. I have nothing against the current roster of endorsers like the Legaspi Family (Carmina, Zoren and the kids), Sarah Geronimo and The Voice Kids, Nadine Samonte. In fact, I would also love to meet them. But I have to say that Bamboo’s entry is different, that’s because he’s a Rock Star icon and has a strong appeal to the Filipino people of different gender, whether young or old.

At the “Rock On With an Icon” event, he rocked the crowd with his electrifying performances. And because the place is small, Bamboo’s performance became intimate as he closely interacted with us. I was recording his performances that night, then suddenly he took my selfie stick from me and brought it closer to him. I was really surprised, and was somewhat in awe of what he has done. I’ve never seen any other artist of his caliber do such a thing.

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Bamboo performs and interacts with the cameraThroughout Bamboo’s performances, we sang along with him, as if the entire crowd was jamming with The Voice Philippines coach. But then it got real when some members of the media were called in groups to sing with him on stage. I’m not really confident with my singing, but was forced to join the first group as one of the supposed member left already. Somehow, I felt safe being with the company of bloggers in our group. But what made jamming with Bamboo more comfortable was that he directed us which part to sing, and would also assist us with the beat and the phrasing. Our group sang “Halleluja,” and though I’ve heard the song many times, I’m not familiar with the lyrics. With his help, I was able to sing it well. He’s really a good coach.

In between the activities at the event, we were also served food and drinks, including Jollibee’s Garlic Pepper Beef. I liked it before, I liked it that night. The beef strips are tender and juicy, the garlic bits and the pepper sauce gave the flavor that I really enjoy. Just as Bamboo’s personality made his performances even better.

Jollibee Garlic Pepper BeefThe night concluded with our group winning the jamming competition, but nothing beats the experience of jamming with Bamboo and eating Garlic Pepper Beef. Really, it’s a #BeefedUpSarap experience that will forever be in my mind. I went home still feeling good that night. I had a great time and as I recall what happened, I can’t help but smile. Let me share with you the behind-the-scenes of Bamboo’s Jollibee TVC and watch his awesomeness. I can imagine how the shoot was equally enjoyable for everyone.

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