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Playa Laiya Beach Club for a Quick Beach Getaway

Playa Laiya Beach Club

I love the beach, and the idea of enjoying the sun, sand and sea in just a matter of hours from Manila is a welcome idea. That’s why I immediately agreed to going to Playa Laiya Beach Club for a quick getaway. From Makati, it only took us 3 hours going to the resort. Located in San Juan, Batangas, Playa Laiya Beach Club is actually part of an exclusive residential community development by Landco Pacific Corporation. The resort actually serves as the “club house” of the residents, but is also open to the public for day tour. Of course, not everyone can just walk in and use the resort facilities. I’m guessing the management wants to control the flow of people. That’s actually a good thing, because otherwise it’ll get crowded. You can’t enjoy a beach if there’s too many people, can you? At Playa Laiya Beach Club, you enjoy ...

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Boracay Experience for the Very First Time

Cherishing the Boracay Experience

Yep, that trip via 2Go Travel was my Boracay experience for the very first time. I always wanted to visit one of the world’s most beautiful beach, but my attempts didn’t pan out. We arrived Boracay past 7am and from there headed to Casa Pilar Beach Resort, probably one of the best beach resorts in Boracay. The first few hours was like a dream as I only get to see this beautiful island in pictures, videos, and on TV. We arrived too early at Casa Pilar which will be our home for our stay at Boracay. We decided to roam around until we can check in at the resort. Good thing the place is just a few walks away to the beach. The moment I saw the clear waters, the white sand and the beautiful horizon, I was smitten by Boracay. As we walk along the shores, I saw a ...

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Going to Boracay via 2Go Travel is a Unique Experience

2Go Travel's M/V Saint Ignatius of Loyola

We all want unique experiences when traveling, and recently, I had just that. I went to Boracay via 2Go Travel with other media guests on the 1st day of October. Naturally, the trip took longer than when on a plane but it’s one of the best I ever had. It’s not my first time to travel on board a ship. As a matter of fact, I grew up riding a ship whenever I’d go on vacation to our province in Masbate. But the memories of those trips were not worthy of a recall. The boat is smelly, the food yucky and as a kid, I’m not allowed to roam around. Bummer, I know! From Manila, we took a 4-hour bus ride to Batangas Port. We boarded 2Go’s M/V Saint Ignatius of Loyola which took about 10 hours to get to Caticlan. Going to Boracay via 2Go Travel was never a ...

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Relaxing Tagaytay at Estancia Resort Hotel

Relaxing Tagaytay at Estancia Resort Hotel

Estancia Resort Hotel brings a relaxing Tagaytay in your every visit. With Santorini-inspired villas, unadulterated terrain, delicious food and the beautiful scenery, it’s perfect for a grand family time, a charming business venue, or the venue for your dream wedding. I had a chance for a private tour and I immediately fell in love with the entire resort. It was very timely because of the stressful environment I’ve been several weeks now at work. As a matter of fact, I dream of going back for a staycation. I’ve been to Tagaytay several times, but the visit is always filled with activities. I’m looking forward to relaxing and just letting time fly by me. The clusters of villas patterned after the villages of Greece’s most popular seaside island overlooking Taal lake and volcano is just one of the things I look forward to in my next visit Estancia Resort Hotel. Located ...

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Touring Gourmet Farms Cavite

The Road to the f arm

Touring Gourmet Farms Cavite was a fun and educational experience. Celebrating 28 years of coffee roasting and healthy gourmet living, and as part of this celebration, I was one of the bloggers invited to tour the farm. The experience brought me back to my yuppie days when their restaurant in Greenbelt 1, Gourmet Café, was one of my favorite for delicious food. Back then, healthy eating was not yet a buzzword. But having learned that some of the ingredients they use for cooking are carefully sourced, with some herbs coming from the farm itself. Too bad they had to close the restaurant down because of the need to focus on their core business. The Farm Gourmet Farms organically grows lettuce and herbs such as parsley, tarragon, rosemary, etc. We first saw these plants as we entered the farm. The sprawling plantation is well-taken care of, complete with sprinklers controlled by ...

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The 4th Sillag: Poro Point Festival of Lights

Floating Lights at Sillag 2014

Poro Point’s uplifting festival of lights, the 4th Sillag: Poro Point Festival of Lights will shine anew from April 9 to 12. Tens of thousands of tourists will be flocking to this event which promises additional exciting events that highlights the rich heritage of the warm, hardworking people of La Union. The event is expected to draw an average of 20,000 people per day based on the previous celebration. Foreign tourists are likely to join and witness the four-day festival. A beacon for progress La Union was previously eclipsed by other (and more popular) local tourism events up north especially in Benguet’s Baguio City, Pangasinan’s Dagupan City, and Ilocos Sur’s Vigan City. La Union gradually reinvented itself and was able to exploit the tourism and business potentials especially of its beaches in San Juan endowed with enticing surfing conditions. Soon enough, Sillag came to light. The Sillag Festival is named ...

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Summer at Aquaria Beach Resort

The Entrance at Aquaria Beach Resort

As I was packing up to check out from the hotel I stayed over the weekend when a message popped out on my phone asking me if I’m available the next day to an out-of-town getaway to Batangas. I love the beach and so I immediately agreed to it. The weather is really getting warmer and having missed the pool on my staycation, I’m looking forward to start summer at Aquaria Beach Resort in Calatagan, Batangas. So on a Monday morning, I braved the MRT shuffle to get to our meetup point in Makati. I’m glad I did. Read up to know why. It was raining in the city but I’m not concerned at all. I know I’m going to enjoy the beach, rain or shine. But the sun smiled on us and gave us a good weather. Upon arrival at Aquaria Beach, we were greeted with a cold towel and a bottle ...

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7 Things You Can Do at Momarco Resort and Hotel

Momarco Resort and Hotel

At a time when I feel so stressed and wishing for a different environment, my phone came ringing one Friday afternoon to an invite for a staycation. Just knowing that I’ll be in Tanay for 2 days and 3 nights with a trusted blogger friend is enough to drop everything I’m doing and brave the holiday traffic from the metro to Rizal. It was of course, a vacation with some work thrown in, but one that I love to do for an out-of-town trip. I’m glad I was not disappointed and here I list the 7 things you can do at Momarco Resort and Hotel. Have a vacation with your family or friends The resort has a huge facility offering a wide selection of accommodation and activities that is best enjoyed with the ones you love. Choose from the hotel accommodation or rent one of their villas, cabanas or private houses. ...

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Vamos A Malolos – Tracing the Roots of Philippine Republic

Vamos A Malolos. In English, it means “Le’ts go to Malolos” and so I did on the 15th of December, a rainy Monday, along with the rest of the invited media representatives. While on the bus, I was given an introduction of Malolos through the brochure that was distributed to everyone, and through a movie about the women of Malolos playing on DVD as we traverse NLEX. In between, our tour guide would inject information reinforcing what I was just reading, and/or watching. Not to say that I dislike history, it’s just that those bits and pieces I learned in school was somehow lost in my memory. But suddenly, I began to appreciate the stories and history unfolding in my mind. My interest in Malolos grew as we approach our destination. Malolos has a huge part of the Philippine history. During the Spanish colonization, residents participated in the revolution. The ...

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Sky Ranch Pampanga Amusement Park Now Open

Sky Ranch Pampanga Ferris Wheel

Sky Ranch Pampanga Amusement Park is now open to the public. I was able to cover the media launch on the last week of November and was able to experience first hand how fun it could be for the whole family. If my memory serves me right, this is the 2nd Sky Ranch amusement park in the country, the first being the one in Tagaytay. I’ve only passed by it the few times I’ve been to the area and never had the chance to explore it. So the invitation to Pampanga was a welcome opportunity. Sky Ranch Pampanga is just beside SM City Pampanga. We left Quezon City after lunch and was at the venue in a little over an hour. We waited for the blessing for the entire theme park to open. After all formalities, we were able to roam the entire place. The theme park in Pampanga is ...

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