Lagoon Advanced Care Wet Cleaning is Better Than Dry Cleaning

Lagoon Advanced Care launchedI recently discovered a laundry solution way better than dry cleaning – wet cleaning by Lagoon Advanced Care. Although I have yet to try dry cleaning, I am aware that this is what others do to have their expensive clothes washed. Dry cleaning is required for coats, gowns, and other clothes made of delicate fabrics and materials such as silk, wool, cashmere, viscose, embroidery, sequin, and more. But did you know dry cleaning is hazardous to health and does not really clean your clothes?

When you bring your clothes for dry cleaning, it’s actually washed in a solvent that’s hazardous to health, not to yours, but to the person washing the clothes. Your clothes are soaked and washed in a liquid solvent called “perc” or Perchloroethylene which takes away those gunk off the clothes, such as the sticky or greasy stains.  The liquid solvent has been in use since the 1970s because doing dry cleaning with it is not labor-intensive.

Barong made of Jusi can be wet cleaned better with the Lagoon Advanced Care system
Barong made of Jusi can be wet cleaned better with the Lagoon Advanced Care system

Unfortunately, Perchloroethylene (also known as tetrachloroethylene) is considered a toxic air pollutant by the United States Environmental Protection Agency. Apparently, the chemical has been banned in the USA because it’s been known or suspected to cause cancer or other serious health effects. I’m not aware of such, and I don’t think dry cleaners in the Philippines are aware of this fact.

Embroidered materials and other delicate fabrics can be washed better with wet cleaning
Embroidered materials and other delicate fabrics can be washed better with wet cleaning

At the present launch by Electrolux Professional where Lagoon Advanced Care system was introduced, I learned about this laundry system which is delicate on fabrics and gentle on the environment. It’s also considered a game changer for the business because it’s possible to operate wet-cleaning with the same process time, productivity and seamless handling of dry cleaning.

Electrolux Professional Lagoon Advanced Care systemLagoon is the first professional wet-cleaning system to have been endorsed by The Woolmark Company as suitable for the cleaning of delicate wool garments labelled for dry-clean only – is entering a new era with its Advanced Care version. The Woolmark Company knows wool as the organization is the global authority on this fabric. If the laundry system has given a thumbs up from the authority, that means it’s trustworthy when it comes cleaning clothes made of wool and other delicate materials.

During the launch, a demo of the Lagoon Advanced Care system was done. Two coats were washed in the Electrolux Professional laundry equipment, and before the event was done, they finished the laundry. Indeed, it was fast and easy. All that needs to be done is to put the clothes into the washer, and with a few buttons pressed, worked its way into washing the coats. There’s a contraption attached to it that controls the dispensing of the detergent. After several minutes, the coats were transferred to the dryer.

During the entire time that the event was going on as usual, we were not disturbed by any sound coming from the laundry equipment. The noise was very low, it’s hardly noticeable. I’m sure you’re aware of the noise coming from the regular washing machine. Electrolux Professional’s Lagoon Advanced Care doesn’t have that. And after the laundry, the coats smell fresh, too!

Lagoon Advanced Care System demo during the launch
Lagoon Advanced Care System demo during the launch

For consumers, this is actually a positive development since dry cleaning. Wet cleaning with the LAC ensures that care for the fabric is given, you can also expect that the clothes are smelling fresh and thoroughly clean. Plus, the peace of mind knowing that the person who washed your clothes is not exposed to harmful chemicals. The good news is that you bring your clothes for Lagoon wet cleaning at the following laundromat.

This coat went through the Lagoon Advanced Care wet cleaning washing

Wet cleaned clothes with LAC are less wrinkled
Wet cleaned clothes with LAC are less wrinkled

For many businesses, both large and small, desiring the availability of a water-based solution, capable of delivering quality and productivity results in an eco-friendly way, the system is a dream come true, and is being enjoyed by some companies in the Philippines already. The perfect combination of specifically designed wet-cleaning machines (different capacities provide maximum flexibility and tailor multiple market needs), a new generation of detergents and dedicated programs ensures effective cleaning and allows garments to fully dry in the dryer, with no hanging dry time needed to relax the fibers, and minimal finishing required.

With Lagoon Advanced Care, Electrolux Professional makes the garments’ cleaning process not only more reliable and sustainable, but also easier and safer for the staff to run. As water is the solvent in the process, no toxic substances are used in the procedure, making it environmentally friendly while the shorter process time guarantees faster and more efficient service. It guarantees top quality results every time, providing high-end customer satisfaction and making it possible to operate wet-cleaning with the same process time, productivity and seamless handling of dry cleaning, the latest laundry system delivers a concrete option for business growth.

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