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Thumbs Up for Casa Italia Christmas Gelati Flavors

Casa Italia Christmas Gelati Flavors

Just in time for the holiday season, you can now indulge on new Casa Italia Christmas gelati flavors. There’s the Salted Egg , Toffee Nut, and Peppermint Mocha. I gave them two thumbs up! Folks at home enjoyed these great treats too! The Salted Egg gelato was quite intriguing. I love it paired with tomatoes as side dish to Filipino dishes, but an Italian gelato? Well, I loved it too! I was surprised how balanced the sweet and salty yolk custard. There’s definitely that Salted Egg flavor alright, but then there’s that creamy flavor that warms the heart. Gelato lovers will also enjoy the Toffee Nut flavor – brown butter and caramelized sugar with toasted almond slivers. It’s a tad sweet for me though, but the bite of almonds gave the ice cream a different character. Experience winter wonderland with Peppermint Mocha gelato. It’s dark chocolate mixed with espresso made ...

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Satisfying Meal for P50 or Less with Jollibee JolliSavers

Jollibee JolliSavers

With every Jollibee JolliSavers meal, you can power up for work, payday or not. You deserve a good meal that will keep you going at work and beat those deadlines.With a satisfying meal everyday for P50 or less, you don’t have to worry about your budget. Enjoy your favorite breakfast, lunch, and merienda without spending more. With JolliSavers meals, you get flavorful food at any time of the day. These affordable meals is very helpful when you a small budget. You can stretch your money, especially in those days just before the next paycheck comes in. Jollibee JolliSavers for Breakfast When you have to be really early at the office that you can’t afford a breakfast at home, Jollibee’s Breakfast JolliSavers is the way to go. Have a delicious Breakfast Shanghai (P50)! This lunchtime favorite gets a delicious twist that makes it ideal for a power breakfast. Three tasty shanghai ...

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Adventure Time Birthday Party

Goldilocks Adventure Time Cake

As a kid, a birthday is party time and an adventure time. It’s the day to look forward to because of the awesome happenings. Your parents would throw a party for you with your friends. This is the time when playtime is uninhibited, and with cool stuff to give and receive. Even better is that you can have a cake dedicated especially for you. It’s a day filled with fun.Now, you can get into more adventure with Goldilocks customizable Adventure Time theme cakes. After all, no one else loves it more than Adventure Times’ mathematical duo, Finn and Jake. Add in a dash of Princess Bubblegum’s wit and LSP’s sass and you’ve got yourselves a party. Kids will definitely shout “Slamacow!” in delight with the amazingly soft chiffon and fondant cake. It’s topped and draped with Adventure Time characters and scenes. Pick up these algebraic cakes from any Goldilocks branches ...

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Choco Velvet Cake with Oreo from Goldilocks and Mondelez

Goldilocks Choco Velvet Cake with Oreo

Goldilocks and Mondelez International collaborated to create the Choco Velvet Cake with Oreo. This unforgettable cake with three thick layers of black velvet base cake, iced with signature Oreo Whipped Creme. The same creme serves as the cake’s filling. This treat will definitely won’t go unnoticed in gatherings, and you won’t be forgotten. This cookies and creme collaboration is perfect for the Christmas season. It’s a perfect cake to bring when attending parties. Family and friends will actually thank you for it when you bring it to your potluck. The Goldilocks Choco Velvet Cake with Oreo is a cookies-and-crème delight like no other. There’s scrumptious mini-Oreos lining the cake topped with more Oreo cookies and whipped crème rosettes. The sight of this cake will make you crave. If you like to twist-lick-and-dunk Oreo Cookies, it’s time to slice-taste-and-savor this amazing new creation. Find out more by following Goldilocks on Twitter ...

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