Jollibee Reese’s Mix-Ins and Cookies & Cream Shake

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Sweet summer treats from Jollibee Make your Summer 2015 fun and sweet with Jollibee Reese’s Mix-Ins and Cookies & Cream Shake. The heat is on as we say goodbye to cold weather and say hello to summertime. And the leading Filipino fastfood chain welcomes summer heat with its latest dessert treats which was unveiled to us on the last Friday of February. Their sweet, luscious and cold, a perfect way to Mix ‘N Shake up summer!Jollibee Reese's Mix-Ins

[dropcap]I[/dropcap]f you love the chocolate and peanut butter goodness of Reese’s, you’ll definitely love Jollibee’s latest Mix-Ins. Enjoy the creamy vanilla soft-serve with generous serving of the #1 chocolate peanut butter cup in the world. It’s a delightful treat indeed!

Jollibee Cookies and Cream ShakeTo make your summer even more fun, there’s the Cookies & Cream Shake. This combination of creamy vanilla soft-serve, milk and crushed cookies is truly indulging and satisfying. It’ll definitely cool you down in the midst of summer heat.

At only Php45 each, Jollibee Reese’s Mix-Ins and Cookies & Cream Shake won’t let you down. It’s refreshing sweetness is very affordable. Ideal to cap your langhap-sarap meal. Get the Reese’s Mix-Ins as an add on to your value meal for only P35. You can also upgrade your value meal with the Cookies and Cream Shake for only Php25.Jollibee Reese's Mix-Ins and Cookies and Cream Shake

Make your Summer 2015 indulgent with the new Jollibee Reese’s Mix-Ins and Cookies & Cream Shake. These treats are available for atime only starting March 2, 2015 at all Jollibee outlets nationwide.

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