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Rosanjin Japanese Restaurant is a Breath of Fresh Air

Rosanjin Restaurant SM Megamall

Rosanjin Restaurant at SM MegamallRosanjin Japanese Restaurant is a breath of fresh air. You might find that a strong declaration, but honestly, it is. I had the chance to attend the food tasting hosted by the restaurant early this month expecting nothing much. I’ve been to different restaurants offering Japanese cuisine, but they all serve the same thing – sushi, tempura, ramen, California Maki, etc. Rosanjin offers the same dishes on their menu, but that’s not all. The manner of serving the dishes that I have never seen before makes it all worthwhile.

Established in 2014, Rosanjin Japanese Restaurant specializes in “Tobanyaki” – a modern style teppanyaki, and “Kaminabe,” traditional Japanese hot pot cooked using Japanese paper. This is a reflection of tradition and innovation, apt for a modern Japanese restaurant. It also gives customers a new dining experience.

Cooking with Toban at Rosanjin

Cooking with Toban

“Tobanyaki” is a traditional art of cooking in Japan. It uses earthenware called “Toban” made of heat-resistant clay or aluminum alloy. It transmits heat easily and will continue to emit heat even after the fire has been removed. “Tobanyaki” cooking locks the juices in, making the dishes more flavorful and juicy.

We were served Australian Rib Steak, Chicken Cheesayaki, Jumbo Scallop Butteryaki and Salmon Butteryaki placed on a “Toban.” The restaurant staff assisted us in cooking the dishes by lighting up the candles and placing the dishes over the fire. We were just advised to wait for 3 to 5 minutes, depending on which dishes are cooking. We started eating as soon as the dishes are cooked. I love the freshness of the scallop and salmon, while the rib steak is tender and juicy.

We also experienced “Kaminabe.” We were served Sukiyaki, Shrimp Kaminabe and Seafood Kaminabe. As a seafood lover, I immediately went for the shrimps and salmon. The soup in all the dishes are really flavorful, the seafood juicy and tender. I really enjoyed them all, especially the manner of cooking. It’s such a delight to see the Japanese paper not burning despite being subjected to direct heat.

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At 300 degrees, the paper will burn but apparently, the soup inside the “Kaminabe” absorbs the heat, keeping the temperature of the paper below 100 degrees. We also learned that “Kaminabe” cooking is healthy because the paper absorbs the oil and toxins. That’s a cool way of cooking.

Aside from the “Tobanyaki” and “Kaminabe” dishes, we also had Kani Salad, California Roll and Tofu Salad. I’m not really a fan of tofu, but I enjoyed the Tofu Salad because it has that refreshing feel and cleanses the palate.

Dining Area of Rosanjin Japanese RestaurantRosanjin Japanese Restaurant is a breath of fresh air because it provides a new dining experience for me. I also love the look of the restaurant. It looks simple but you can sense the authentic Japanese vibe. Visit Rosanjin at the 3rd floor of Megamall’s Mega Fashion Hall. You can also check out for more details.


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