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Choi Garden Megamall

Choi Garden Megamall for Yummy Cantonese Dishes

Choi Garden MegamallVisit Choi Garden Megamall for yummy Cantonese dishes. That’s exactly what I did, not just once, but twice. And we’re planning to go back for more. If you’re familiar with Choi Garden Greenhills, this is the same restaurant that has made a huge following from both the Chinese and Filipino diners. I have to admit that I haven’t been frequenting the Greenhills, San Juan area, and so, I was missing out a lot. It’s a good thing I was introduced to this restaurant early this month. SM Megamall is not just a shopping, but a dining destination because of the numerous restaurants in the mall. But if you’re looking for authentic Cantonese dishes, Choi Garden is it. Even my family gave a nod of approval, not just for the food, but also the ambiance and the price.

My first Shabu Shabu Noodle

Shabu Shabu meal

Choi Garden Make Your Own Shabu Shabu dealOn my first visit, I was offered their “Make Your Own Shabu Shabu” meal. For Php388, you get a noodle bowl served with Choi Garden’s Best Bun and Home Blend Iced Tea. Following the instructions on their menu card, I had Ramen as my noodle with Szechuan Spicy Soup and three toppings – HK Beef Ball, Squid Ball and Beef Brisket Tendon. It didn’t take while for my order to arrive, but as soon as I ate it, I was a bit disappointed. Aside from the spice, I didn’t taste anything. It’s a good thing that I really enjoyed the Best Bun, because otherwise, my experience would have been a total fail.

The restaurant’s Best Bun is really delicious. The bread is soft and even melts in my mouth. The filling is meaty, and although on the sweet side, is still a delight for me. I love it, especially because you can have an order of 3 pcs of bun for only Php90! I also enjoyed the Sweet and Sour Pork with it’s crunchy on the outside and tender on the inside texture, and a sweet tangy flavor. Yum!

Sweet and Sour Pork at Choi Garden Megamall

Sweet and Sour Pork

I was thinking that my choice of toppings for the Shabu Shabu was the culprit as to why my order tasted really bland. So on my second visit, I tried to switch it up. I still ordered the same noodle and soup base, but the toppings were Beef Brisket Tendon, Braised Pig Knuckles and Asado. Alas, I was right! The Shabu Shabu was more flavorful and really delicious. We also had Baked Chicken Fillet Rice with Tomato Sauce, Baked Pork Chop Rice with Mushroom Sauce, Best Asado Bun and Choi Garden Tai Pao. All the dishes are well-seasoned, and in generous serving sizes.

And what makes our dining experience more special is the ambiance. Although the entire place screams red, you won’t be blinded by it. In fact, the interior looks posh that you’d think you’re in a fine dining restaurant and will be paying a lot for your food. But that’s not the case. For all the food we ordered, including two orders of Best Bun to go, we paid a little over a thousand bucks.

I’m not surprised why Choi Garden has loyal customers. The unwavering passion of Mr Choi Tak Pui, a Hong Kong -based culinary expert who dreamed of bringing the taste of Authentic Cantonese Cuisine into the Philippines continues to be very much evident in what I experienced at the new branch. Choi Garden SM Megamall was established to indulge a bigger audience, as casual dining style is introduced while still maintaining the quality and exquisite taste of Authentic Cantonese Cuisine.

Choi Garden Megamall Shabu Shabu counterThe Cantonese Culinary Team behind Choi Garden is composed of Hong Kong Chefs who boasts of years of knowledge, skills and experience in perfecting their crafts. The team is proud to offer their finest dishes that will surely bring delight to your taste buds and satisfy your stomachs. I’m drooling at their Roasting Selection, which I heard is very popular. The dishes includes BBQ Pork Asado with Honey Sauce, the flavorful and crispy skin of their Roasted Peking Duck and the mouth-watering version of Roasted Chicken.

Choi Garden also offer Live Seafood Selections such as the Steamed Live Grouper and Steamed Live Suahe, and their filling Chinese Baked Rice Meals which we got to try. The restaurant also has the Best Selling Dimsum Selection composed of their Best Asado Bun, Steamed Siomai, Steamed Hakaw, Pan Fried Radish Cake and Old Fashioned Steamed Machang among others. Choi Garden SM Megamall also offers dishes that are good for sharing such as the Szechuan Hot and Sour Soup, Sweet and Sour Pork, Beef Ribs with Black Pepper Sauce and a whole lot more.

Dimsum Dishes at Choi Garden Megamall

Dimsum Dishes

Majority of the ingredients used at their restaurants were imported from Hong Kong to maintain the quality and taste. Make sure to visit Choi Garden Megamall for yummy Cantonese dishes. Located at the Second Floor of Mega Atrium, it’s a place where you can experience authentic Cantonese Cuisine without putting a hole in your pocket. It’s open daily from 10am to 10pm. Keep tab of exciting surprises and promos on Facebook ( and Instagram (@ChoiGardenMegamall). I’m sharing the Choi Garden Menu below for your reference.

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