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The Daily Beans is my new foodie discovery

The Daily Beans Antipolo is My New Foodie Discovery

The Daily Beans AntipoloI love coffee and I’m happy camper when discovering new coffee places in the country. Unfortunately, when I got an invite to The Daily Beans Antipolo in December, I had to forgo the opportunity because of conflict in schedules. It’s a good thing I got invited once again, and off we go to the East side on the 1st Sunday of February. It’s a perfect day to be visiting a place a little farther away from the metro.

At the back of my mind, I imagine the place to be similar with other coffee shops proliferating in the metro. I’m expecting the environment to be on the darker side, with chairs and tables made of wood and accents on the brown and black tone. I was wrong.

The Daily Beans Antipolo Ambiance

Inside The Daily Beans Antipolo

The coffee shop has that airy feel to it. Thanks to the glass panel at the store front, the place is well lit with natural light. And although small in comparison to other places I’ve been to, there’s enough space to move around.

The door to the washroom is hidden

The door to the washroom is camouflaged!

The Daily Beans  Antipolo took on a minimalist look with tables and chairs big enough for customers to enjoy food and drinks. Even the couch near the entrance don’t look bulky. It’s placement inside the shop is actually perfect, not causing an obstacle to the overall space. Stuff hanging on the walls are quite interesting and even adds personality to the coffee shop.Couch seating at The Daily Beans Antipolo

Daily Beans In Your Cup

Coffee at The Daily Beans

Coffee at The Daily BeansThe Daily Beans serves the usual selections of coffee – espresso, latte, cappuccino, café mocha, et al. They also have cold beverages, such as smoothie and their own version of ice blended coffee drinks. They’re even selling coffee beans, the one from Mindanao, in particular.

Smoothies and Frappes in Mason Jars with characters

Smoothies and Frappes in Mason Jars with characters

The coffee shop’s baristas are skilled in the beautiful art of coffee. The intensive in-house barista training course under Gisela Amonoy (graduate, Barista & Coffee Academy of Asia and Barista Guild Asia – PH) is very much hands-on.

Cupping session at The Daily Beans Antipolo

Cupping session at The Daily Beans Antipolo with Master Barista David Dource

We were in luck because they were conducting cupping while we were there, which is basically the coffee version of wine-tasting. I learned a lot about the kinds and quality of coffee available. One of them is that the longer a coffee is roasted, it’s a lot bitter. But that doesn’t mean it has more caffeine. Apparently, light roasted beans has more caffeine, but less bitter.

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As a matter of fact, I was able to taste the light roasted coffee beans from Ethiopia. For me, it tasted like a tea more than a coffee because there’s no bitterness at all. But it actually has that fruity flavor, like that of a jackfruit.

More Than Just Coffee

Expect to enjoy more than just coffee at The Daily Beans. After the soft opening during the recent holiday season, they added an extensive variety of dishes. We learned that they’re already offering breakfast because customers were inquiring about it. You have a choice of Beef Tapa or Schublig Sausage come with free brewed coffee

All-Day Breakfast offering - Schublig Sausage

All-Day Breakfast offering – Schublig Sausage

But they also have pastas such as Tuna Casserole, Chicken Pesto, spicy Caliente or the all-time popular Spaghetti Meatballs. I got to try their Carbonara and I must say it’s the best one I’ve ever had. I usually avoid having pasta in white sauces because they taste bland to my liking. But not this one from The Daily Beans.

The Daily Beans Carbonara

My favorite Carbonara ever!

But if you’re looking for snacks instead, you can have Clubhouse sandwiches, Sloppy Joe nachos, Cheese n’ Chips and salads, among others. I was checking out their display counter and saw some interesting homemade pastries and cheesecakes of different variety that I’d like to try. I was actually thinking of ordering one, but I’m already full with the pasta I ate.Pastry Counter Display

That German Chocolate Cake looks interesting

That German Chocolate Cake looks yummy!

The young entrepreneurs behind The Daily Beans did a great job. I learned The Daily Beans Antipolo is actually the second branch already. The mother store is located in Pililia, Rizal. We met the four young men during our visit – Joshua Tarraya (Accountant), Dan Tarraya (Manpower Services), Jojit Restauro (Travel Sales Manager) and Francis Guanco (Creative Director). We learned that they are not only business partners but long-time friends, and they make sure that quality and sincere service are given to their guests and customers.

The Young Men behind The Daily Beans

(L-R) Jojit Restauro, Francis Guanco, Dan Tarraya,  Joshua Tarraya,

As an opening treat for the grand launch this New Year, The Daily Beans Antipolo is offering a special limited promo for its growing clientele. You get a limited edition, original designed T-shirt or coffee mug for every P500 minimum purchase of any product.

The City Roamer recommends The Daily BeansIf you live in Antipolo or nearby areas, or happen to be in the vicinity, make sure to drop by The Daily Beans Antipolo, my latest foodie discovery. It’s located at the ground floor of the EM Gems Bldg., right across Unciano Colleges along the L. Sumulong Memorial Circle in San Roque, Antipolo City. It opens daily – Mondays to Fridays from 9 am – 10 pm and on weekends, from 10am to 11pm.

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