Drooling Over Haworth Office Chairs

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Haworth Office Chair - Zody.bmpAs a freelance content writer and blogger, I spend the huge chunk of my day sitting. Recently, I found myself checking out ergonomic chairs. I wanted to buy one for many reasons and came across Haworth Office Chairs. It was my first time to drool over an office chair.

Not that I haven’t been to an office with quality office chairs. I have, and even sat on the ones especially assigned to supervisors. And even when I was still holding an entry-level position, I make it a point that I’m seated on a good chair. It’s very important to me because it spells the difference on my productivity. Let me tell you why.

  1. Comfortable – a good chair is comfortable to sit on and I can stay in my cubicle working for prolonged periods of time. I’m not the type who would go around the office or spend time on short breaks. So if I am comfortably seated, it’s the best day of my work life.
  2. Healthy – When I don’t feel the aches and pains, then I can keep working on my desk. There were times when I was seated on a wrong chair that I ended up complaining about my back. I would stand up to stretch out and if nothing’s working, I leave my desk.
  3. Energized – When I’m comfortable in my seat, with no pain in the back, I feel energized even if it’s already time to leave work. That’s a good thing because then I can extend my work hours if I have to. But if I really need to leave, that means I can have more productive time outside my work.

    Haworth Zody Office Chair
    My Dream Home-Office

It looks like the Haworth Office Chairs can meet my requirements. There is an option to have the backrest in mesh material. I like it because the air can flow freely and I don’t have to worry about having a sweaty back especially during summer. The seat also looked very sturdy, plus it adds a splash of color in my home office because it’s red. Having one will definitely make me more inspired to work on my freelance gigs and blogging tasks. All I have to do now is figure out if this brand is available in the country.

[important]This is a sponsored post however, all the points and views are my own.[/important]

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