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The Aguinaldo Shrine

Getting to Know the Man who Lived at the Aguinaldo Shrine

In the afternoon of the 3rd day of the year 2013, I joined several bloggers going to Kawit, Cavite for the Kawit Christmas Light and Sound Show. We got to the venue faster than I expected it to be, having passed the roads of Cavitex. Hence, we had the chance to roam around the grounds of the Aguinaldo Shrine and also got to know the man who lived in it.The Aguinaldo Shrine

Aguinaldo Shrine GroundsAguinaldo Shrine FacadeWhile waiting for everyone to arrive, we had the chance to roam around the Aguinaldo Shrine, including the backyard of Aguinaldo’s ancestral house.Aguinaldo Shrine Up CloseAguinaldo Shrine BackyardThen the tour started, where we were shown Gen. Emilio Aguinaldo’s office and memorabilia…Inside Aguinaldo Shrine-01 Inside Aguinaldo Shrine-02 Inside Aguinaldo Shrine-03We also went inside the house, where we explored the living area and the various rooms of the house where the first President of the Philippines lived, and this is where one gets a glimpse of who Gen. Emilio Aguinaldo is as a person.Furnishings at the Aguinaldo Shrine

Judging from what can be seen inside the Aguinaldo Shrine, the Aguinaldo’s are well-off. Just a look at all the furniture, fixtures and decors, you’ll know these pieces cannot be afforded by an ordinary person or family. The Rooms at the Aguinaldo Shrine

Gen. Aguinaldo and his family has impeccable taste. The house is adorned with beautiful pieces that appeals even to the current generation with discriminating taste.The Kitchen at the Aguinaldo ShrineLooking up, I saw how Gen. Aguinaldo has that keen attention to detail. Even the ceilings are well-adorned. His sense of patriotism is also evident.The Ceilings at the Aguinaldo ShrineThe Aguinaldo Shrine is where the independence of the Philippines from Spain was declared on June 12, 1898. That fateful day is now commemorated as Araw ng Kalayaan or the Philippine Independence Day. And although it is a national holiday where the Philippine flag raised annually at this location every June 12th, very little is known about the man who lived in this ancestral house. We might not be able to read more about him, but we can certainly visit this house which is now a museum. And the good thing is, there’s no entrance fee to tour the entire place.

Last, but certainly not the least, we witnessed the Christmas Light and Sound Show for everyone’s enjoyment. We were told that a bazaar was built in the park during the Christmas season, and many came to witness the show. The mood of the place became festive as Christmas songs were played in synch with the Christmas lights. Christmas Light and Sound Show at the Aguinaldo Shrine - 01 Christmas Light and Sound Show at the Aguinaldo Shrine - 01

It cost a lot of money to stage this Christmas Light and Sound Show but I overheard that all the expenses are shouldered by the relatives of the Aguinaldo Family to promote the shrine and tourism. I would like to believe that generosity is also in the heart of the man who lived in the Aguinaldo Shrine. This visit is truly worthwhile. Too bad the curator was not present to show us around and explain more about what we saw. I look forward to going back and learn more about him and a part of the history of the Philippines. Check out the gallery of photos on our Facebook Page.

Getting to Know the Man who Lived at the Aguinaldo Shrine
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Getting to Know the Man who Lived at the Aguinaldo Shrine
A visit to the Aguinaldo Shrine in Kawit, Cavite is a trip down memory lane seeing and touching the many artifacts and being able to see the way of living of President Emilio Aguinaldo and his family during those days.
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  1. The first time I went to Aguinaldo’s home was a field trip with my students. Traffic then was not as pleasant as you experienced during your visit. Yet, I still enjoyed the tour. I’m sure being a blogger you had more access than the normal tourist and I wish I could have been there. I still have my souvenir pocket knife that looks like a rifle somewhere I think from that trip. Do they still sell them there?

  2. Those are very beautiful shots.

  3. I like the shots! I also like the Christmas light being adorned outside the shrine. That’sa good thing to not make the ancestral property look like haunted.

  4. Nice photos Alwin. I wish I was there (Kawit is close to my place) to accompany you at this tour :).

  5. I agree! Nice shots Alwin! 🙂 Mabuhay!

  6. How coincidental that I see this post right after I have seen “El Presidente” this afternoon. I have already visited this house many years back, but it deserves a second look now. The light and sound show is just for Christmas? Hope they would restage it next year Christmas again.

  7. This is really a nice place to visit as it gives you a lesson in history.

  8. Awesome Photos:) Thanks for joining us:)

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