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Great Food and Drinks + Hip Vibe = Mondo Juice + SIP Milk Tea Makati

Mondo Juice + SIP Milk Tea I’ve talked about about Mondo Juice in my blog, calling it a healthy alternative to the proliferating coffee lifestyle in the city. Last year, I shared a better milk tea from SIP Milk Tea. Here’s good news! Both juice bar and milk tea shop are now in one location. It’s the perfect equation: great food and drinks + hip vibe = Mondo Juice + SIP Milk Tea Makati.

Located along Rada (Thailand) Street in the midst of corporate Legaspi Village in Makati, you’ll find Mondo Juice and SIP Milk Tea in combined location. These cafes are actually owned and managed by one group, hence, it’s not a surprise to see them in one dining area. I was aware that the milk tea shop will be having a branch in Makati, but when I dropped by recently, I was surprised with what I saw.

Entering the place, it’s one huge dining area with ample space to sit and move about. I also love the contemporary look that’s very conducive for winding down and chill with colleagues and friends. Modern light fixtures, smooth wood textures, and high ceilings all work together to create a refreshing drinking experience at the combined Mondo Juice and SIP store. Cream couches and rocking chairs also lend a homey vibe, very opposite to the busy central business district outside. The store also offers free Wi-Fi, ensuring professionals are able to work or connect with friends in an inviting atmosphere. I found the place to stay when I’m in the area. But of course, more than the nice ambiance, there’s food and beverages.

Mondo Juice and SIP have gone on to become two of the city’s leading health drink bars of my choice with unique concepts and only the freshest, finest ingredients. Mondo Juice offers 100% fruit, all-natural juices and smoothies while SIP has high-quality steeped milk tea mixes. I’m just talking about drinks. Customers at the combined Mondo Juice and SIP Milk Tea shop will have new treats to discover only at Rada Branch.

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Enjoy French macarons in chocolate, pistachio, vanilla, coffee, lemon, rose, hazelnut and black sesame flavors. Cheesecake lovers will also delight in the pistachio cheesecake, cheesecake brûlée and the tofu cheesecake. For the breakfast crowd, Mondo serves baked egg dishes in bacon and sausage and the pulled pork sandwich made with lean challah bread.

Milk tea lovers will have fried brownie and the Milovaltine drink to enjoy from SIP. These two items are exclusive for the Rada branch. They also have a new line of drinks called fresh sodas, with lychee as the bestseller.

The place also houses several merchandises from bottled goodies, mugs and tumblers and even apparels. Indulge in refreshingly healthy and laidback drinking experience while checking these stuff out at the newly designed Mondo Juice and SIP store today! I’m sure you’ll agree that I have the perfect equation recommended: Great Food and Drinks + Hip Vibe = Mondo Juice + SIP Milk Tea Makati.

Of course, The City Roamer wants you to experience this equation as we are giving away Php3,000 worth of Mondo Juice and SIP Milk Tea gift certificates. This is a perfect summer giveaway from The City Roamer, Mondo Juice and SIP Milk Tea!

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[important] Please note that this giveaway is open to Philippine Residents only particularly those residing in Metro Manila. Those residing in the provinces may join but will have to consider that Mondo Juice and SIP Milk Tea branches are only in Metro Manila. Entries are accepted from March 5 up to March 15 at 11:59 pm Philippine Time. This giveaway is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with, Facebook or Twitter. Entrants are providing information to The City Roamer and not to Facebook or Twitter. Winners will be announced on March 17, 2013. Prizes will be delivered via courier within a week after announcement. [/important]



  1. Mondo Juice is definitely worth the try! I am so in love with their lemonade!! 🙂

  2. Wanna try their bestseller milk tea and the honeycomb waffle and the cheesecakes.

  3. The sandwich and ambiance look very inviting. =)
    Any branch near Makati?

  4. Love to try the macaroons and pork sandwich at the combines Mondo Juice and SIP Milk Tea Store.

  5. i’d love to try the french macarons along with any refreshing drink they offer + one of those bottled goodies! ^_^

  6. I want to get a 1 year supply of their milk teas.

  7. I am not really knowledgeable about milk teas, but I do want to discover what Sip and Mondo Juice can offer. It’s summer, time to quench the thirst!

  8. Are they having plan to expand here in Cebu? These Juice and Milk Tea are kinda a hit taste especially this summer (the juice).

  9. We live far from Makati but these places look tempting. I do hope they have a branch in the QC area soon.

  10. I LOVE MACARONS! This is really interesting and I’d like to try it really soon. Good thing they have it within Makati! 🙂

  11. If this will be the place I am going to visit even every week? guys, in just a month I’m sure to add size to my waistline hahhahahahaha….this is a great place to be in..

  12. Great food and wonderful ambiance. Eating here must be worthwhile. I wish I could one of this days.

  13. Cool! Its unlikely to see a tea shop serving food. Kudos to Mondo Juice and Sip Milk tea 🙂 I hope they’d put one at the Sip Branch at Pearl Drive too 🙂

  14. Nice place. Yummy food. An experience worth the try plus the giveaways – my gosh this piece is amazing and rewarding!

  15. I would like to try a different kind of tea, and this wil be a good treat for my kids.

  16. Goodness. Everyday I visit this post I get a little bit more excited. I really do wish to win. I loooooove tea!

  17. Yay! this is so cool. this is a great treat from you :p

  18. One of those photos really look like cinnamon rolls to me, I’m just not sure if they really sell cinnamon rolls because I haven’t been to that place.

  19. The place looks like a really nice way to hang out and will definitely try this place as I am from Makati.

  20. I’d love to discover any food and drink that can reach my level of indulgence 😀

  21. What I would like to discover at the combined Mondo Juice and SIP Milk Tea store in Makati is what they can offer for a family who are big juice lovers and a mother who is a major tea drinker. 😛

  22. I haven’t really tried Mondo Juice and SIP Milk Tea but we as a family are big lovers of juice while I consume cups and cups of tea everyday so I guess that’s what I would like to discover about these two.

  23. I would like to try the cheescaked toped milk tea and the french macaroons :P~

  24. I would like to try any product from Mondo Juice since I haven’t really experienced their products yet 🙂

  25. This is an exciting experience I myself would want to try…..

  26. Would love to try the other Cheesecake topped Teas. ^_^

  27. The special treat that I would like to discover at the combined Mondo Juice and SIP Milk Tea store is:
    1. Pistachio Cheesecake
    2. Fruit smoothies
    3. and more 😀

    I’d love to eat and love to discover any food and drink that caught my eyes. It is good to know that they serve it fresh.

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