Lamido is My Latest Discovery for Online Buying and Selling
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Lamido Philippines Website

Lamido is My Latest Discovery for Online Buying and Selling

Lamido Philippines WebsiteI love online shopping as much as I do with online selling. Before online shopping boomed in the Philippines, I was already bidding and buying second hand gadgets. Then I became involved in online selling. The e-commerce landscape in the country continues to evolve, with some sites still existing while others folding up or getting bought by big businesses. Lately, Lamido is my latest discovery for online buying and selling.

Not another e-commerce website you might say. Lamido is not just another e-commerce platform. For starters, Rocket Internet is behind this venture, the same company behind Lazada and Zalora. What’s different though is that Lamido Philippines offers a wide range of products from budding entrepreneurs who is somehow overpowered by big companies with their branded products. This means more great deals to find.Lamido - Best Selling Items Listing

When I first discovered the website and started browsing, I was actually overwhelmed with all the items available at really low price. I was so happy to find the items I’ve been saving up for at discounted price on Lamido. I realized that I can place an order and still have spare to shop for more items. Lamido is a bargain hunter’s haven. And there are several ways to pay for the items you’re buying – via bank transfer, cash-on-delivery or Lamido Safepay.Lamido - Payment Options

Lamido Safepay is quite unique as it provides the much needed security, especially for newbie online shoppers. That’s a very good feature as I have to admit being scammed once in my online transaction. In addition, this helps those who are concerned about fraud.

But let’s not stop at the buying part. As an online seller myself, I am already preparing to sell my stuff. I’m used to having my listings online so I’m no stranger to all the process. But what I love about Lamido’s site is that it’s professionally designed and the items are highlighted if you have it on sale or it’s a new listing. That feature draws the shoppers’ attention to your products. There’s a professional look and feel when selling at Lamido, unlike other platform which gives that bazaar-like or classified ads look.

Lamido Listing - Watches

Lamido is My Latest Discovery for Online Buying and Selling and I’m glad I gave this site a serious look. If you’re an online buyer or seller on the go, you don’t have to worry about missing out the latest deals or inquiries because you can also check the site on your smartphone. Yep, Lamido has an Android App that you can download from Google Play. Get it here: What are you waiting for? Get the latest deals, and if you’re an online seller like me, start posting your listing at Lamido.

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