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3 Honeymoon Destinations for Adventure Addicts

honeymoon - daiquiris by the poolDelicious daiquiris by the pool, overlooking a tropical paradise or vista of relaxation? Maybe next year. Honeymoon destinations have become a beach and poolside territory, as bucket lists and travel ambitions are abandoned for champagne sunsets and long walks along the beach. While this is all very romantic and desirable, you only have one honeymoon – spend it laughing, frolicking, getting lost and finding hidden holes in the wall, undocumented by online review sites and free from expectations. Where to go? What to do? The best adventure tours start with you!

The Circuits of Southern France

Circuit de la SartheStimulate your inner speed-freak and tour Southern France in style, indulging his on-road fantasies and renting out the latest Maserati. Instead of facing off with Paris and only just surviving peak hour, take the country roads and ease yourself into the French road culture. Stop, taste and capture the tapestries of Montpellier, follow the ocean roads of Provence and savour the wines of the Camargues. After pushing through Chartes and reliving the echoes of histories, delighting in old catherdrals and chateau’s, blow away the cobwebs and brake the sound barrier, as you spin around Circuit de la Sarthe – for the uninitiated, the home of the French Grand Prix.

The Secrets of Costa Rica

Costa Rica VolcanoA little-talked about adventure park, Costa Rica dares honeymooners to leave their inhibitions at home and tackle their fears head on. After spending a day or two frolicking on the sand, strap into a harness and challenge your better half to windsurf around the base of an active volcano; hike to the peaks of forbidding yet beautiful trails, fly over the forest several metres below at break-neck speeds or ride the rapids down to their climax, splashing and sliding as the angry waters of Costa Rica test your bravery. Nature enthusiasts are invited to delve into the local jungle, day or night, observing sloths, monkeys and slippery snakes in their natural habitat.

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Pacing in Peru

Inca Trail in Peru for HoneymoonThe Inca Trail is by far one of the most famous and beloved physical journeys in the world. The four day, classic trek will test your fitness, communication skills and sense of wonder, as you traverse a pin drop in the 40,000 kilometre trail network, spanning 43km. You will be awed by beauty of this vast, natural empire, reaching dizzying heights and appreciating the dense, spectacular terrains of hidden valleys and woodland. Watching the sun rise of the ruins of Macchu Picchu, winding through the cloud-wood will remain embossed in your memory – you will be hot, you will be sweaty, you might even snap at each other, but it will be worth it.

Reserve meandering escapes and shopping tours for anniversary celebrations or quick weekend getaways with the girls. The world is brimming with thrills and hidden experiences, there’s something for every speed. Start your lives together with a dose of love, an inch of excitement and a dash of anticipation – marriage is only one adventure you’ll take together, don’t let it be the last!

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