Crumpler’s The Squid bag – a Review and Giveaway

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Crumpler - The Squid BagI love bags and seemed to have never found a way to discard them in my life. I’m always found carrying one even if I would just go to the mall. In my younger years, one of the bag design I’d usually have is the drawstring backpack. Simply put, it’s easy to carry and can hold a lot of stuff. Just like Crumpler’s The Squid bag that I recently received. Yup, that’s the one alright, in its folded form.

To be honest, I initially wondered what’s got in to Crumpler people’s mind naming their bag squid. Don’t get me wrong, I love squid, on a dish. But on a bag? That’s how my thoughts were going when I first heard about the bag. But when I checked it out, I understood why. So while holding on this pouch-like thing, I was eager to check it out.

As i unzipped the pouch and try to get all the stuff inside it out, I made a quick glance at it. Crumpler’s The Squid really has a semblance of this delicious sea creature with all its tentacles swimming in the waters.

It grows to become a full blown bag measuring 11×16.9×8.6. Crumpler claims The Squid‘s interior can handle 20 liters. Checking out the materials used, I can say that the bag is made of durable materials. The bag’s body is said to be made from water resistant 150D Rip-stop. The stitchings are made in strategic areas to reinforce durability. I also love that the ropes are thick and feels really strong.

The usual stuff I carry around includes my iPad, a planner, coin purse, keys, headphones, chargers, a cologne, gel wash and pens. And if the weather is bad, an umbrella. I tried to stuff them all in The Squid and there’s still plenty of room for other stuff. I also like that there’s a pocket in front where I can stash small stuff like the pens, keys and coin purse – very good for organizing. Crumpler’s drawstring backpack also doesn’t look like the other brands’ version as this one looks smart and not the boxy type. The Squid is the perfect casual bag not just when going to the mall but when going out of town. It can be a second bag or an emergency bag for when all your bags are filled with lots of stuff and you need another one. Heck, it can even be your only bag when going solo for one day adventures.

I did try to wear it on for a several minutes and felt very comfy overall. A lot of reviews said so and was quite curious because that’s not my usual experience with drawstring backpacks. Now we don’t want to wear it down totally, because as you already know, I’m giving away my Crumpler’s The Squid bag in pale blue with black and hot pink!

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Readers in the Philippines (take note!), have until July 18, 11:59pm to join. But if you can’t wait for the big day and would rather buy your own Crumpler The Squid bag, head over to their nearest concept store at the 5th Floor, Eastwing, Shangri-La Plaza Mall in Mandaluyong City. You’ll find more colors of The Squid in black, red, oatmeal and teal for Php1,200. Of course, you’ll also find more Crumpler bags design to choose from.


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