At Mount Cabuyao, Benguet

On Top of The World at Mount Cabuyao in Benguet

At the viewing deck of Mount CabuyaoI felt I was on top of the world when I was at Mount Cabuyao in Benguet. While we were in Baguio City, we took ride to the top of the mountain where the radars and telco cellsites were installed. It was a steep climb. We’re just lucky we were on a van courtesy of Azalea Residences and that the roads to the mountaintop is already paved with concrete.

On our way up, we passed by some tourists climbing Mount Cabuyao on foot. Had we done that, I’m sure we would have missed our other activities in Baguio that day, including the SLU Lantern Parade and Christmas lighting. We took a short walk to get to the viewing deck. Overlooking the city of Baguio and other mountain peaks, with the cold gust of wind, it was an awesome experience. Overlooking the Cordillera Mountain Range from the peak of Mount Cabuyao

We took another ride to reach the second peak of Mount Cabuyao. Our guide shared that on a clear day, we can see the province of Pangasinan. The sun is shining bright that morning but the fog has already thicken that there’s no longer visibility when looking down from the mountain. But it felt more exhilarating to see the fog rising, looking like a cloud.

We also visited the water reservoir located at Mount Cabuyao. I learned that this is the primary water source of the entire Baguio City. The body of water and the surrounding area are equally beautiful. Water Reservoir at Mount Cabuyao

Climb Mount Cabuyao anytime you’re in Baguio City. It’s the closest thing to being on top of the world. I’m not into mountain climbing and I’m envious of those who climb mountains. At least, I had a glimpse of every mountaineer’s experience. Yes, you too can have a similar experience and the good thing is you can bring your vehicle up as the road is already paved with concrete.A Beautiful Sight at Mount Cabuyao

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