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Holy Kettle Corn Snack Packs

Holy Cow, it’s Pop Corn! It’s Holy Kettle Corn!

I’ve been seeing this small kiosk selling pop corn as I roam the city, Holly Kettle Corn reads the store name. I always wanted to try it, knowing that pop corn is actually a healthy snack compared to chips. I’ve had my share of pop corn cooking as these snack comes in many forms in the grocery. But I’m not really into such snacking form so I seldom get to buy. I’d rather eat stuff that’s more filling, but it’s a fact that sometimes, you just don’t have the time to make snacks. These types of snacks are really convenient to have, so I gave it a go and had a couple of flavors of Holy Kettle Corn.

Holy Kettle Corn Snack PacksI was surprised that they come in sealed foil packs, except for one — the original flavor comes in paper packaging. I then realized this is different from another brand with an almost similar name, coz the ones I saw are not in such packaging. Foil packs are better because they preserve the quality of food, and Holy Kettle Corn has that. Aside from the original flavor, I got one in cheese, sour cream and barbecue. These are perfect for my Sunday TV viewing, my only chance to face the boob tube because I’ve been very busy since I started regular work. I love sour cream, so I immediately opened my pack when i got home. The first thing that I noticed was the appearance; unlike other pop corns I’ve had, this one is round in shape, well most of it are.

Round Pop Corns - Holy Kettle CornI quickly downed my first pack, then went on with the barbecue flavored pop corn. I love the cruchiness, but both were on the sweet side. I would understand the barbecue flavor, but not the sour cream. I wanted the sour cream to be more pronounced rather than the sweetness of it. Still, Holy Kettle Corn is good, plus the fact that it’s healthy. I will definitely go back and buy. It’s priced at P40 per pack and is hand-popped fresh everyday. I saw a couple of packs at 7-Eleven.

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I found it interesting that the company decided to market pop corns in the Philippines. Well, there aren’t a lot of pop corn brands in the market so there’s definitely a place for one. The one thing I liked with Holy Kettle Corn is the quality of pop corn, as it’s round. The packaging states that the corns were imported from the United States, and the variant is the kind that is round when popped. The packaging also proudly states that they don’t use genetically modified food stuff. Now, that’s added confidence for healthiness! I also find the notes at the back of the packs witty. Especially this one:

Be Warned - Holy Kettle Corn!

Don’t tell me I didn’t warn you 🙂

Check out their Facebook page for more info


  1. I love eating popcorn while watching movies. masarap tlaga ang Holy Kettle Corn. 🙂

  2. P40 per pack of pop corn goodness is a knock out!…Will visit 7 11 later to finally try it!

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