Cowboys & Aliens: A Story of Greed, Kindheartedness, Revenge & Unity

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Last August 10, I watched Cowboys & Aliens courtesy of Nuffnang Philippines and Pizza Hut. It was one of my most anticipated event having heard some buzz about the movie. I’m also a Harrison Ford fan — not having seen him on the big screen for quite sometime, this would be a good opportunity to watch one of my favorite Hollywood actors on the big screen. There I was seated among fellow bloggers enjoying the story of greed, kindheartedness, revenge and unity in a western-sci fi movie.

Contrary to my impression of the movie, this is actually a Daniel Craig movie more than Ford’s. Although they shared a few scenes throughout the movie, James Bond has more screen time than Indiana Jones. I’m not complaining. It’s just that the movie sought to capitalize on Harrison Ford’s popularity and downplayed Daniel Craig’s.

I love the movie from start to finish. Just as you have just recovered your composure of a surprising scene, another one unfolds leaving you gasping for air.

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