Get Your Google Nexus 7 from Smart

Are you planning to gift yourself a tablet device this Christmas? Here’s good news! You can get your Google Nexus 7 from Smart on installment at 0% interest!

Google Nexus 7 Tablet

Starting November 30, 2012, Google Nexus 7 can be pre-ordered from Smart as it offer one of the most-awaited Android tablet under its Smart Bro Flexisurf mobile broadband plans. As stated on the telecom’s website, one can simply sign up for a Smart Bro Flexisurf Pocket WiFi plan 599 for a chance to own this awesome gadget for only P600 a month for 24 months at 0% interest.

Don’t have a credit card? Not a problem, because accorfding to Smart Broadband Internet and Data Services head Mr Lloyd Manaloto, even non-credit card holders can avail of this great deal.

No doubt that Nexus 7 is one of the hottest tablet to hit the market. This 7-inch stunner has a powerful quad core processor optimized for the latest version of Android OS codenamed Jellybean. What all these techspeak means? Fast performance delivered on generous screen space that makes it ideal for playing games or for editing word processing and spreadsheet documents on the go. It also promises longer battery life, enabling you to play music and high definition videos from its built-in 32GB storage for hours on end. Critics worldwide dubbed this latest creation from Asus and Google as the best tablet in its class.

Google Nexus 7 SlantedGaming on Google Nexus 7Thin Google Nexus 7

Of course, the experience gets even better because it’s powered by Smart’s nationwidest coverage. Only the best mobile internet experience there is in the country at the palm of your hands. Take note that you also have other subscription options. Smart Bro FlexiSurf is also available in SIM-only packages starting at just P299/month with 30 hours of surfing and at P399/month with 50 hours of surfing. It is also available at P499/month with a free Power Plug-It USB dongle and 50 hours of surfing.Smart - Live More

In addition, all FlexiSurf plans are protected by Smart’s anti-“bill shock” feature which caps billing at no more than P999 every month (approximately 80 hours of use).  Subscribers can then enjoy their FlexiSurf plans on an unlimited basis until the next billing cycle without having to worry about overspending.

For more information on Smart FlexiSurf and to get your Google Nexus 7 from the best mobile network, visit the Smart Store nearest you or call 1-800-10-LIVMORE (1-800-10-5486673).


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  1. More and more gadgets are made available for consumers to choose from. This offer from Smart is very timely and I’m sure there are some who will take advantage of zero interest for 24 months and you will own this Google nexus 7.

  2. Smart is really working its way to their postpaid plans. I have been their competitors subscriber but I do hope they have better post paid plans and mobile phone line ups in the future.

  3. This is something to look forward and I’m sure this will be another tablet craze! As much as I want to own one, but I still don’t have a budget to buy one. 😀

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