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GRIPS Hair Styling Products and Fiona Colognes by Skintec

A little over a week ago, I received a pack of products for review – Grips Hair Styling Products and Fiona Colognes by Skintec.

GRIPS Hair Styling Products and Fiona Colonges

To be quite honest, I stopped using gels and other hair styling products because of the hassles that I have to go through putting it on, washing it off, etc. Plus I’m also not the kind who’d fuss over my hair for extended period of time. So I was quite hesitant using GRIPS Hair Styling Products. I actually asked my cousin to use it, so I can get feedback from his experience and write about it. Unfortunately, he has yet to drop by my place to pick them up.

GRIPS Hair Clay FX, GRIPS Hair Wax and GRIPS Hair Gel

What I have are GRIPS Hair Clay FX, GRIPS Hair Wax and GRIPS Hair Gel. I decided to check out the first two, being that I have yet to really use these kinds of styling products. I was just playing around and here’s the result.

Using GRIPS Hair Clay FX and GRIPS Hair Wax

Forgive me. I’m not that adventurous as far as hair styling is concerned. I really don’t have any idea how to go about it without looking like a dork. I’m settled that I have to stick to ordinary styling. But if you’re one of those who do, like Daniel Padilla, I’m sure you’ll love GRIPS Hair Clay FX and GRIPS Hair Wax. Here’s why:

  • Daniel Padilla for GRIPSIt holds the hair well. From experience though, Clay FX has a stronger hold compared to the Hair Wax, so you really have to be fast in styling your hair. I was able to re-style my hair even with the GRIPS Hair Wax on because it held my hair a little softer.
  • It has a scent that doesn’t overpower. I had my share of using other styling products that has a scent that’s stronger than my perfume, or those that gives me migraine. Not GRIPS.
  • GRIPS Hair Clay and Hair Wax are non-greasy and easy to wash off from your hands. I don’t even have wash my hands with soap, just rub your hands with water, pat to dry and you’re free to go.
  • You won’t need to put a lot on your hair to get the styling that you want. That means each purchase will last longer than the other styling products.
  • You get more for your money because you have a product that works.
  • It’s convenient because GRIPS Hair Clay FX and Hair Wax are available in sachets. You’re sure to have great looking hair because you can bring it anywhere you go.Hair on the Go with GRIPS Hair Styling Products in Sachets
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I highly recommend GRIPS Hair Styling Products. And for the ladies out there, I also recommend Fiona Colognes.

Too bad I have to give it to one of my cousin simply because it’s really for the girls. It smells so good, and even my cousin noticed the scent immediately when I gave it to her. This was the first time I heard her compliment a new brand, even some of the similar products I gave her before. I have to agree with her observation. Fiona colognes smell so good.

Fiona Colognes

And it comes in handy bottles too. So every girl will smell good anytime, anywhere, just like my cousin who loves to spray perfume before leaving the house, upon arriving the office and before going home from work. My cousin’s favorite scent is Bubbly Pink, but other scents are also available like Ice Glacier, Raspberry Drops, Youthful Bliss, Cool Burst and Pretty Mist. I’m sure every girl, or lady for that matter, will find the scent that will fit her personality with Fiona Colognes. I hope Skintec would create ones for guys too!

Discover GRIPS Hair Styling Products and Fiona Colognes by Skintec and you’ll discover quality products to fit your lifestyle.



  1. Im a user of GRIPS Hair Wax, and what I like about it is its easy to wash and easy to use and style the hair

  2. How does Grips gel compare with the more popular Bench Fix?

  3. My son would definitely love this product. Besides, it’s much more cheaper than the hair styling product he’s been using.

  4. nice hair style Alwin…Grips and Fiona are well known to all youngsters. even my 2 kids use fiona cologne, the green one.

  5. Parang artista yung unang picture, nice shot. My teenage son loves this ind of hairstyling products, pampapogi points.

  6. Wow the hair clay works for you. It adds cool looking to your face. Nice try!

  7. ..this reminds me of my friend who is an avid fan of Daniel Padilla..she said, if it’s Daniel Padilla’s endorsement, it must be good. hehehe

  8. I like grips hair gel but not a fan of their wax.. it doesn’t last long..

  9. actually, i haven’t heard of this yet but looks really nice and cool, will read more about this.

  10. what i love about GRIPS is the scent. not too musky but smells fresh! 😉

  11. Bro, siguro its about time to use styling gel sa hair ko. And since this product works well with you,then no harm siguro to try it out too.

  12. I usually have my hair very short. That’s why I need not to use hair products like gel or wax. But I think I would prefer the wax over the gel.

  13. If a product works for you, then by all means use it. It can be very difficult to find the best one since not everybody will get the same results from a single product so it is very fortunate if a person is able to find a suitable product.

  14. I like wax better than gel. But now, I’m more of a hair-polish guy. Haha And hey, you look good with your new hair. Good job, man!

  15. I’m pretty interested with the colognes more than the styling gel. I do not allow my bf to use styling gels as it is one of the major reasons why his hair line receeding.

  16. Grips products. That’s something to look forward to. Ill check this out later specially the cologne inside the department store.

  17. I’m not much into styling gels; but I’m sure a lot of guys and gals would love to try this out.

  18. I don’t use much gel as I usually keep my hair short but this looks like a cool and effective styling product.

  19. Naks! Who’s that artista looking guy?! 🙂 Have read about skintec products from another site. Are they available in watsons or mercury drug stores na kaya so I can try? 🙂

  20. Is this a new product? Well, I haven’t seen it in the market. It’s good that you found something you like.

  21. It is available internationally? I’d love to try the colognes!! I’ll check online too.

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