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Final Building Model of Ilustrata Residences

A Condominium to Rise in Cubao – Ilustrata Residences

I live near Cubao, Quezon City and I love the area because of its proximity to any point of Mega Manila. I have always hoped of having my own property here. I was glad to hear the news about a condominium to rise in Cubao – Ilustrata Residences.

Final Building Model of Ilustrata Residences

Real estate developer Property Company of Friends, Inc. (PRO-FRIENDS) has recently unveiled their first-ever residential condominium development – Ilustrata Residences. Situated along Col. Boni Serrano Avenue (former Santolan Road) in Cubao, Quezon City, I’d say this is a perfect place for cosmopolitan living. It’s a bit hidden from the city, yet it is in the city. In fact, it’s just a few steps away from all that’s happening.

Vicinity of Ilustrata Residences

I personally cannot imagine being away from the city and all the conveniences that goes with it. This PRO-FRIENDS condominium is near EDSA, and that means being connected from north to south, east to west. The City Roamer will definitely not have a problem going around the city and coming home from it. Whopeee! 😀

A Small Living Room in Ilustrata Residences


A mid-rise residential condominium, Ilustrata Residences has six buildings and is in the middle of the affluent lifestyle of Greenhills, the tree-lined avenues of New Manila and the laid-back ambiance of the residential enclaves along Mariposa. With these surroundings, this condominium offers its residents their own urban haven in a prestigious address.  And the good news is that buyers can own units starting at P7,500 per month. That’s value for money, considering that the place is smack in the middle of the metro and offers accessibility to private and public transportation.

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A Dining Area in Ilustrata ResidencesIlustrata Residences is located at 39 Col. Boni Serrano Avenue, Bagong Lipunan ng Crame, Cubao, Quezon City. For more information on this condominium soon to rise in Cubao, visit their Facebook Page  http://www.facebook.com/OfficialIlustrataResidences.and website http://www.myilustrata-residences.com/



  1. A condo in cubao. I assume magandang location yan. Accessible pa. Transpo, restos, banks.Lahat na 😀

  2. very reasonable price for a condo… i remembered once paying almost as much for rent, and the place won’t be ours. Yahweh bless.

  3. Condos are rising here and there almost everywhere. Cavite will be invaded by condos soon as well.

  4. I guess, I’ll continue to be a probinsyana! hehe.. I’ve never lived in Cubao, sa Makati area lang when I was there.. But 7,500 a month condo? not bad!

  5. Looks to be a good investment, for those up North. I’m currently looking for one in BGC to be nearer work, but I don’t think PF has any property nearby 🙁

  6. Great site for Metro dwellers, but I am at home in an urban style living.

  7. great location for the condo, and nice interior

  8. One of the things I look forward to is getting a condo for convenience. Though I had to convince myself to get one since most condos in the metro are really pricey whether we believe it or not.

  9. I’m your total opposite. I’ve worked in metro manila and I never enjoyed it… Well, I do enjoy the work but not the location… It’s crowded, hot, noisy, polluted, etc. Every time I go out of the building where I worked, I would always rush home back to the province… 😀

  10. 7,500 a month for a condo unit is a very reasonable rate. It’s also situated well in the heart of Quezon City.

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