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Authentic Original Top-Sider Sperry in the Philippines

Sperrys at Compex Lifestyle StoreAs the month of August ends and September begins, I noticed malls going on sale. I haven’t been shopping lately, and I realized I needed some fix. I was at the Eastwood Mall and I chanced upon a store with a large poster display of a top-sider. You see, I have such a love affair with shoes that I can’t help but check it out — there’s lots of them inside the store and I can’t help but drool. The top-sider shoes are Sperry — an American brand — the original boat shoes, and they’re now in the Philippines via Complex Lifestyle Store.

I love top-siders because it’s easy to wear and is perfect for a casual look. I even have a pair in patent cobalt blue, but I didn’t know it was originally created by Paul Sperry in 1935. I’ve seen it in too many different brands that I thought it was just another style. The original Sperry has the patented Razor-Siping — these are wave-like grooves on the sole created to provide grip on wet surfaces, especially on decks where it’s usually worn. The brand has been awarded the 2010 Plus Award for Design Excellence and is celebrating 75 years as America’s favorite nautical footwear.

Compex - Sperrys Top Sider Dealer

Learning the background of Sperry gave me a new-found admiration of these shoes. At a glance, it looked like your ordinary top-sider, but a closer look tells you it’s different. The stitching, the sole, the materials used — you know these are quality shoes that will last for years. That’s value for money, and that’s exactly what I look for when I buy shoes. I’m very picky when buying footwear. I am partial to loafers and similar styling because it’s easy to wear — just slip it on and you’re good to go. I seldom buy those with laces because I always end up tying it up again after walking for sometime and that’s such a hassle for me. The quality of leather as well as the overall look of the shoes is also a deciding factor. Lastly, I check out the price.

When I saw all these Sperry shoes at the Complex Lifestyle Store, I was really drooling. There are a lot of choices available — there’s one in suede high-cut styling, there’s the classic look, and also one in two-tone color combination. I also saw some in plaid. But what I love the most is the one in dark green canvass. Trying it on, it was so comfortable and light. It’s like giving my feet a hug! I knew right there and then that I found my new pair of shoes. I regret that I had to leave the store without it though coz I didn’t bring money with me.

Sperrys Top Siders

Check out the one in the middle — that’s my shoes!!

I’ll definitely get my first pair of Sperry. I learned that not all the styles at Complex can be found in other stores, so that means I will have to go back to their store just to be sure. It’s a good thing that their Manila branch is just near my place. The other Complex store is located in Cebu. I just hope that they still have one in stock when I have the chance to go back. I’m crossing my fingers. But judging from their selection, I’m confident to find one that will meet my taste.

They also carry Ecko Unltd. which is also a good brand. In fact, I saw some shoes that I liked too. Complex also carry Zoo York, Pony and Keds among others. But first, I must have my authentic original top-sider Sperry. Check out more pics that are drool-worthy for men and women by clicking here.

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  1. In terms of quality, sperry shoes is definitely the best shoes I ever had.. It’s just that this brand is a bit much costly compare to others. But if you want a local shoe brand who can compete to the style and quality that sperry has you try rydax topsides shoes.. I got to buy one here :

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