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Tips for finding a pre-owned home

Tips in Purchasing Pre-owned Home

house for saleWeighing whether to buy a new or pre-owned home? Somehow, a property seeker is always hesitant when it comes to buying second-hand homes.The thought of leaks in the pipes, electrical issues, or even termites hidden behind walls bring shivers down the spine.  Such properties could eventually cost you a fortune in renovations if you are not cautious.

That’s why it’s understandable that others prefer to look into a brand new property. But a second-hand home is way cheaper than a new one. Is it possible to find your ideal home? Spare yourself from possible buyer’s remorse. PSBank, through its “Good to Know” campaign, help you spot a gem among wide choices of pre-owned houses with these tips:

shop for houses online

Know where to look

The best places to find pre-owned real estate properties for sale are banks and local government institutions such as the Home Development Mutual Fund or PAG-IBIG. Check out their website and you’ll find the best property deals. There are also property auctions that these institutions organize. Some properties not normally listed in their websites are being auctioned here.

inspect the house

Schedule a visit or inspection

Determine the real condition of the house yourself by asking a professional inspector for help. Check if the basic structure, floor plan and infrastructure remain sturdy and durable. Ensure that there’s electrical and plumbing system installed, rooms are well-proportioned and there are no bad cracks or serious leaks. A great buy would be one with no major fixes and you’ll be able to move in to your new home soon.

location of house

Consider the location

The location is just as important as the house itself. If it is located within a good school system, a nearby transportation, market or grocery, then finding a home priced to accommodate the necessary updates could be a good deal.

verify documents

Verify documents

Check the title and latest property tax receipt. The title will not only tell you how old the property is but it will also let you know if the property had a chain of previous owners.

house market value

Check the market value of the property

To ensure that you will not be paying more than you should, go through the current price trends and get an estimate or seek an expert to help you evaluate the second hand property against similar properties in the area.

Buying an excellent pre-owned property or a second-hand home entails lots of patience and due diligence. However, getting it for a bargain price should be more than enough motivation and be able to convince you that what you purchased is more than what you paid for. You really just need to know where to look.

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PSBank is currently offering significant discount on its already low-priced pre-owned real estate properties for sale.

Buyers looking for quality and affordable pre-owned condominium units, houses and/or lots will enjoy 20% to 25% discount on selected properties when they purchase from December 4, 2018 to March 4, 2019.

Tips for finding a pre-owned homeAside from this great deal, you are assured of “clean” pre-owned properties for sale. This means that each property in PSBank’s list of Real Estate Properties for Sale has a registered title and a tax declaration consolidated under the Bank’s name. Plus, all properties are free from any legal issues and are already in the possession of the Bank.

To avail of the promo, you simply need to submit a completely filled-out Offer to Buy form and Buyer’s Information Sheet to PSBank Asset Sales Department, at any nearest PSBank branch, or via the Bank’s accredited brokers. You also have the option to make their purchase in cash or by applying for a PSBank Home Loan with Prime Rebate.

PSBank Home Loan with Prime Rebate offers low interest rates, convenient payment modes, and flexible payment terms. Applicants will also get a credit decision within five banking days or less via SMS. Borrowers can also save money by paying early or before the due date or by paying more than their monthly loan amortization. PSBank Home Loan has the Prime Rebate feature allowing home loan clients to earn rebates in the form of “interest discount” on any advance or excess payments made on the loan. Over time, clients could use the rebates to lower the loan principal, shorten the loan term, or even both.

You can definitely find a diamond in the rough when searching for a pre-owned home. Check out the list of properties and download the forms at www.psbank.coml.ph/propertiesforsale.

For more information on the promo, you may call the following:
• Properties located in Metro Manila, Rizal, Visayas and Mindanao: (632) 885-8208 local 8990
• Properties located in North Luzon: (632) 885-8335
• Properties located in South Luzon: (632) 885-8208 local 8016

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