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Get More Japan with Japan Airlines' Manila-Haneda route

Experience More Japan with Japan Airlines’ New Manila-Haneda Route

Japan Airlines new route: Manila-Tokyo via HanedaJapan Airlines launches its Manila-Haneda route daily starting February 1st. Filipino travelers can take this flight departing at 11:50pm and arrives the Haneda airport, aka Tokyo International Airport by 5am. This is good news because landing Japan early in the morning means you can immediately leave the airport to explore the city, maximizing your itinerary as early as day one. This is what I’ve done when I traveled to a different country, going from one tourist spot to another while waiting for my check-in time at the hotel. This can now be done when traveling to Japan.

Previously, Japan Airlines only has 2 direct flights from Manila to Japan via the Narita airport. One leaves in the morning, the other in the afternoon. The morning flight is just perfect when you want to check in to your hotel right away. The afternoon robs you of the opportunity to do a little exploring as you’re likely tired and would just want to rest after a dinner.

Japan Airlines Manila-Haneda routeThe Manila-Haneda route is definitely the one for those who have all the energy to get up from their airplane seats and go grab a breakfast and start exploring. A quick google search resulted in interesting things to see even inside Haneda airport.

Japan Airlines General Manager Mr Chikara Mochihara

Japan Airlines General Manager Mr Chikara Mochihara

The airline’s new route is a testament of the growing Filipino tourists to the Land of the Morning Sun. From ramen, to izakaya, to onsen, to sakura, Japan continues to capture the imagination of Filipinos, prompting seasoned travelers to make return trips and an increasing influx of first-time visitors. Since 2012, the number of Filipinos visiting Japan has been rising by 20 percent.

Shibuya Crossing - Photo by Luca Florio on Unsplash

Shibuya Crossing – Photo by Luca Florio on Unsplash

At Tsukiji Fish Market - Photo by Manuel Cosentino on Unsplash

At Tsukiji Fish Market – Photo by Manuel Cosentino on Unsplash

The new route comes in time as even more are encouraged to take the trip with Japan’s easier Visa requirements for Filipinos declared in mid-2018. “We’ve seen more Filipinos are acting on their desire to visit Japan as we welcomed the more than 400,000 tourists from the Philippines in 2017. As the flag carrier, we are very proud to be part of the Filipino tourist’s journey as we extend the Japanese experience from the moment you step on board to the moment you arrive in Japan,” declares Chikara Mochihara, General Manager of Japan Airlines Manila.

The Haneda airport also has more local connections than Narita, which means tourists have easier and more convenient access to domestic destinations. Transportation services to and from the airport starts early and travelers can be in Tokyo, Shibuya, Tsukiji, Roppongi, or Akihabara in less than 30 minutes; or Shiniuku and Ueno in less than 40 minutes.

“You can take your pick of which part of Japan to enjoy and get there still on-time for an authentic Japanese breakfast. Of course, it is not just breakfast and there is more to experience and enjoy in Japan with our new flight connection. You have the whole first day to see more sights, try more activities, taste more food, and really immerse in everything else Japan offers,” he adds.

JAL Manila Executives

JAL Manila Executives

JAL’s promise of efficient, on-time, and convenient flights is backed up by recognition from the industry. It has been awarded the World’s Most Punctual Airline by Flightstats for five years now, and its economy class with expanded legroom has been awarded the World’s Best Economy Class by Skytrax.

JAL Manila-Tokyo via Haneda special fareTo celebrate Japan Airlines’ Manila-Haneda route, the airline is also offering special fares until February 16 for travel until July 31. Economy class fares are available for USD320 and business class for USD1,099, all with full-service inclusions. Learn more about JAL’s new flight at their website http://www.ph.jal.co.jp/phl/en/mnlhnd.

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