RCBC MyDebit Mastercard and “Ready, Set, Seoul” Promo

RCBC MyDebit Mastercard offers a wold of convenienceIf you’re an RCBC account holder, you should get your RCBC MyDebit Mastercard now. That’s because RCBC is giving you the chance to fly to Korea with its “Ready, Set, Seoul” promo when you use your RCBC debit Mastercard. As an avid debit card user, that made me want to get an account with RCBC now.

Although I have my credit card, I use debit card more often because I can manage my spending better and simply limit my expenses. Ever since it’s been introduced in the Philippines, I can say that I’m one of those who used it. As one who loves to travel, dine, shop, debit card is perfect for my lifestyle.

But the one I’m using not is not directly linked to my account, only just the capability to transfer funds from deposit to my debit card. It can be cumbersome when trying to do a fund transfer and you’re in a hurry. Also, I’ve encountered issues with it such as getting declined or not being able to get refund within expected turn around time.

Cashless convenience and control with RCBC MyDebit Mastercard


I learned that RCBC MyDebit Mastercard offers a world of convenience. One, it’s actually linked to your RCBC deposit or payroll account. That means you can transfer funds to your debit card at your convenience. Two, you can monitor your spending through RCBC’s online banking service.

At the RCBC MyDebit Mastercard and Using RCBC MyDebit Mastercard, you can easily withdraw cash from your linked RCBC savings or checking account, check your balance, or pay your bills at over 2 million ATMs across the world with 24/7 banking convenience. But more than that, you can use your RCBC MyDebit Card to enjoy cashless transactions when you shop or dine wherever Mastercard is accepted here and abroad – simply dip your card into the point-of-sale terminal and you’re good to go!

At the RCBC MyDebit Mastercard and You use the debit card to securely pay for your online transactions – flights and accommodations, online shopping, collector’s finds, e-books, app subscriptions, in-app purchases and more. “RCBC MyDebit Mastercard is the one card that truly keeps up with your lifestyle of choice, empowering you to enjoy the best things in life at your own terms,” said Margarita B. Lopez, RCBC Digital Banking and Operations Head.

At the RCBC MyDebit Mastercard and “You can use it to withdraw cash if you want to, or better yet, securely enjoy convenient cashless transactions and pay for your online purchases practically anytime and anywhere. More importantly, since it is linked to your savings or checking account, you have full visibility of your purchases. It therefore offers convenience, security, and control all in one card,” she added.

Ready, Set, Seoul! with RCBC MyDebit Mastercard

As an exciting way to celebrate the launch of RCBC MyDebit Mastercard, RCBC is giving you the chance to enjoy the ultimate South Korea travel experience with the Ready, Set, Seoul promo! Under the promo, two (2) lucky RCBC MyDebitCard Mastercard holders will win the grand prize of a 4-day, 3-night trip for two to Seoul, South Korea, inclusive of round trip airfare, luxury accommodations at the five-star Lotte Hotel World, plus passes to top sites including the Lotte World Aquarium, SkyTower Observatory, and Lotte World Theme Park, the world’s largest indoor theme park.

The grand winners will also receive pocket money so they can live out their K-drama and K-Pop fantasies through engaging tours, check out must-see city landmarks, and savor authentic and mouthwatering Korean dishes around town. Moreover, they will also get Shilla Duty Free shopping vouchers, which they can use to stock up on world-renowned Korean beauty products and shop for trendy fashion pieces, among others.

Ready Set Seoul Promo with RCBC MyDebit Mastercard“There is no better way to celebrate the launch of RCBC MyDebitCard Mastercard than by showing you just how easy it is to unlock endless possibilities and enjoyable experiences with your debit card! Indeed, with RCBC MyDebitCard Mastercard, you are closer than you think to your dream Seoul getaway – or any goal or adventure for that matter,” said Lopez.

To join, simply use your RCBC MyDebit Mastercard for any in-store or online transaction with any domestic or overseas merchant from August 18 to November 15, 2017. Every Php1,000 spent in a single transaction gives you one e-raffle entry, so the more you spend, the more chances of winning the Seoul experience of your dreams!

At the RCBC MyDebit Mastercard and Aside from the two grand winners of the ultimate South Korea experience, five lucky cardholders will win an overnight stay at Nobu Hotel with free breakfast buffet, while eight lucky cardholders will take home SJCAM SJ5000X Elite Action Cameras for recording their adventures.

The grand draw is on November 16, 2017 so you have enough time to earn and accumulate e-raffle entries with your RCBC MyDebit Mastercard purchases. Get your RCBC MyDebit Mastercard now and transact your way to your ultimate South Korea adventure!

RCBC MyDebit Mastercard and Ready Set Seoul promo launchedFor an avid debit card user, RCBC MyDebit Mastercard is a welcome development in a steadily growing cashless society in the Philippines. RCBC has recently rebranded itself to meet the demands of the new economy. The launch of the new debit card is a step in that direction. For more information, visit and follow RCBC’s official account on Facebook at

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