Awesome Adventures Await RCBC Clients

RCBC SAVEcationAre you one of the RCBC clients? Pay attention. Rizal Commercial Banking Corporation recently launched the SAVEcation Raffle Promo. That means lucky depositors will have the chance to visit one of the 25 destinations in 21 countries covering the 6 continents of the world. And that could be you!

This travel promo is so huge, it excites me! Correct me if I’m wrong, but I think this is the biggest travel promo to date in the Philippines. And what’s even more awesome about winning in this raffle promo is that plane tickets, accommodations, and tour packages are included. All you have to do is enjoy the travel with your buddy to one of the following:

● Cape Town● New Zealand● Alaska● Sapporo, Japan● Malaysia
● Italy● Belgium● Maldives● South Korea● Batanes
● Morocco● London● Brazil● Cambodia● Palawan
● San Francisco, USA● Spain● Osaka, Japan● Bali, Indonesia● Bohol
● Greece● Quebec● Dubai● Taiwan● Ilocos


Browsing through the 25 destinations makes me go wild. Each place is a traveler’s dream, even the ones in the Philippines. This travel promo is one I wouldn’t want to pass. I would love to travel to Morocco, Greece, Belgium, Japan, and Maldives. The opportunity to cross out one of the items on your bucketlist is something you shouldn’t miss.

There’s nothing to lose, and everything to gain when  joining the SAVEcation promo. New and existing RCBC Checking and Savings account holders can win a much-coveted destination getaway courtesy of the bank. You only need to deposit “fresh funds” and maintain an average daily balance (“ADE”) of at least Php10,000 for Personal Savings or Checking Accounts and Php50,000 for Corporate Accounts during the Promo Period. With a total of 25 trips to be given away to different vacation dream spots across the globe, there’s more chance of winning.

Such generosity accorded to RCBC clients. They’re just about to wrap up the “Ready, Set, Seoul” promo, and here we are talking about another travel promo by the bank. The SAVEcation Raffle Promo will last from September 20, 2017 to March 20, 2018.

RCBC SAVEcation Raffle Promo for RCBC clientsSo if you’re an RCBC depositor, good luck! If not, then it’s time to be one. Head over to the nearest RCBC branch and open an account while there’s still time to join the promo. Check out the RCBC SAVEcation raffle promo mechanics on

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