Boracay Experience for the Very First Time

Arrived in BoracayYep, that trip via 2Go Travel was my Boracay experience for the very first time. I always wanted to visit one of the world’s most beautiful beach, but my attempts didn’t pan out. We arrived Boracay past 7am and from there headed to Casa Pilar Beach Resort, probably one of the best beach resorts in Boracay. The first few hours was like a dream as I only get to see this beautiful island in pictures, videos, and on TV.

We arrived too early at Casa Pilar which will be our home for our stay at Boracay. We decided to roam around until we can check in at the resort. Good thing the place is just a few walks away to the beach. The moment I saw the clear waters, the white sand and the beautiful horizon, I was smitten by Boracay.

At the entrance of Casa Pilar Beach Resort

The sky, sea and white sand of BoracayAs we walk along the shores, I saw a number of familiar establishments. Passing by restaurants and resorts along the shores of Boracay made me realize that I can actually visit anytime I want, even when alone. It’s comforting to know that I won’t be lost here, although I won’t mind getting lost in an island as beautiful as this.

We finally made our stop at Real Coffee Boracay, famous for their Calamansi Muffins. I’m still full though having had breakfast at M/V Saint Ignatius of Loyola’s Horizon Café. So I had a bowl of fresh fruits with yogurt instead while chilling with blogger friends.A bowl of fresh fruits with yogurt at Reyal Cafe

Casa Pilar Beach Resort

Casa Pilar Beach Resort Boracay signage at the Boracay shoreWe then headed back to Casa Pilar Beach Resort to check in. What I love about this resort is the homey ambiance. At the most, the structures are only 2-storey high, so it doesn’t feel like a hotel resort.

Casa Pilar may not be offering beach front amenities. But I still like the privacy it offers. It’s also not crowded, so you get that sense of serenity when at the resort. You can also spend time at the pool if the beach is too much for some “me” time.

But of course, we’re in Boracay to explore. We have a day filled with activities and I want to maximize my Boracay experience. After getting settled in our rooms, freshen up and a quick rest, it’s time for lunch.

The Boracay Toilet

We took a trike to the Boracay Toilet for lunch. The concept restaurant can be found at Station 1 but is very easy to find. Just tell the trike driver to bring you to the Boracay Toilet.

Dining area of Boracay ToiletThe restaurant was inspired by a restaurant in Taiwan which also pays homage to the humble toilet. But don’t let the name fool you. The place is hip and offers delicious food in a unique table setting.

Food and drinks are served in contraptions that resembles a urinal, toilet bowl, etc. I was weirded out at first, but when my mind went past the icky thoughts, I started to enjoy the place and the food.

Boracay Oceanarium

In the afternoon, we visited the Boracay Oceanarium at the Crown Regency Resort and Convention Center. It’s a guided tour and we were led to the facility like kids marveling at the creatures of the sea.

We went through the underwater tunnel, claimed to be the longest in the Philippines at 30 meters length. Then we got to watch the mermaid performance and also a fish feeding session.

The Pearl of the Kings inside the Boracay Oceanarium
Check out the Pearl of the Kings nestled on a shell

The oceanarium is actually the home to the Pearl of the Kings, recognized by Guinness World Records as the largest pearl in the world.

Cherishing the Boracay Experience

Going places away from the beach allowed me to explore further and that’s one of the things I enjoyed in my first Boracay experience. Coming from Boracay Toilet and Crown Regency Resort, I went back to Casa Pilar on foot. I enjoyed the sun, sand, and water while seeing people swimming, taking photos, sailing, and strolling just like me.

I decided to take a swim late in the afternoon and really get into enjoying my Boracay experience for the very first time. I love the big waves coming at me while enjoying the beautiful colors of nature. I love the beach and spending time in the most popular destination in the Philippines is awesome.

Crown Regency Beachfront Buffet

In the evening, we had a sumptuous dinner at Crown Regency Beachfront Buffet. Enjoying a varied selection of dishes by the shore is such a gastronomic experience. The sound of the waves and the gentle breeze is relaxing, it’s whetting up my appetite. Good thing I got hold of myself and just enjoyed the sights and sounds of Boracay in the evening.

The Boracay Experience

The powdery sand on my feet is one of my Boracay experience
Enjoying the sand of Boracay

For a short period of time, I got a glimpse of what Boracay has to offer. I’m glad 2Go Travel gave me this opportunity. I will definitely return to the island for more. One of the things that I’d like to experience is parasailing, island hopping, Paraw Sailing, etc.

Boracay, finally!
Boracay, finally!

Just the thought of those activities I’ll be returning for makes me excited already. Recently, 300,000 Conde Nast Traveler readers voted Boracay on the number 1 spot of favorite islands in the world. I’m so proud to have learned that, and grateful that I finally had the Boracay experience. For now, I’ll relish the memories of my trip.

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    1. Just stay tuned. Before you know it, everybody’s flocking to the beaches of Boracay again 🙂

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