Del Monte Kitchenomics Starts New Season this July

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Del Monte KitchenomicsDel Monte Kitchenomics starts new season this July, still to be hosted by Chef Jackie Ang-Po and Carla Abellana. I can’t believe that the show has been on air for 30 years already. I remember my mom taking notes while watching the show and eventually serve it on our table. The new season will start airing on July 12 on GMA 7. We learned that viewers are in for an exciting season as the team behind the show has taken into consideration not just the moms, but basically everybody who needs to cook.

At the Del Monte Kitchenomics Blog ConThere’s a growing trend of young professionals living on their own. In attempt to be practical, cooking food is the way to go. It’s also a healthy option compared to buying meals or having food delivery. Del Monte Kitchenomics has taken this into consideration for its new season with the mission of making cooking easy, fun and accessible to all types of cooks – whether you’re a beginner in the kitchen or already an expert cook.

Watching an episode of the upcoming Del Monte KitchenomicsWe got to watch a few episodes of the show during the press conference and I have to say that they were able to deliver their promise. Each episode is rich with easy recipes, tips and tricks to level-up dishes, planning meals and managing time cooking. The last part is definitely an important factor for busy professionals.Del Monte Kitchenomics hosts Chef Jackie Ang-Po

With the presence of Chef Jackie Ang-Po is definitely a plus because she’s an expert and a multi-awarded pastry chef at that. We can all definitely learn from her years of experience in the kitchen.

Kapuso Carla Abellana co-hosts Del Monte KitchenomicsKapuso star Carla Abellana is more than just an eye candy in the show as she herself cooks and will also be doing the cooking just as she has done in the past season.

Catch them both as Del Monte Kitchenomics starts new season this July, every Saturday at 11:25am and every Sunday at 12:05pm on GMA 7. Make it a habit to learn new recipes for a better life. For more reference on cooking and kitchen tips, easy-to-prepare recipes, tips and videos, visit or connect on Del Monte Kitchenomic’s Facebook Page.

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