OOSM Solutions Celebrates 1 Year, Shares Expansion Plans

OOSM Solutions Celebrates 1st Year AnniversaryAustralia-based BPO company OOSM Solutions, is celebrating its first year of operations in the Philippines. The company also shared its plans of expanding business in the country by opening another facility in Cavite. It will be operational by next year.

Part of the LSM BPO group in Australia, OOSM Solutions headquarters in the country is strategically located in Makati City. Although a year of operation is still considered at its startup phase, the company has already achieved significant milestones.

OOSM Solutions Chief Executive Officer Ms Linda Salud-Margon“Our passion, commitment, professionalism and dedication are among the reasons that catapulted us toward success during our first year, and we are looking forward to accomplish more with the proper training, skills and expertise that are necessary to get the job done,” explains Linda Salud-Margon, Chief Executive Officer of OOSM Solutions.

OOSM Solutions was established to help small and medium-sized enterprises in Australia and New Zealand to achieve growth and maintain their business by offering tailor-titted services targeted to meet clients’ rigorous demands. Its mission as a BPO company is to deliver stakeholder value through its BPO packages that ensure consistency, confidentiality and excellence.

OOSM Solutions executives during the Q&A session“OOSM lives by its core values of delivering quality service at all times while assuring confidentiality and promising cost efficiency, which truly delighted our clients not only in Australia and New Zealand but also in other parts of the world,” adds Salud-Margon.

She said the formula to OOSM’s success lies in its systematic approach to providing the best solution for their clients’ business needs, which starts with efficient data gathering, meticulous planning, and effective manpower mobilization until the final delivery.

Ms Linda Salud-Margon shares OOSM Solutions profile and expansion planAmong the services offered by OOSM Solutions include Back Office and Secretarial Services, Transcription, Accounting and Bookkeeping, Digital Marketing and Graphic Design, Customer Support and other high-value offerings such as Architectural Consultancy and Research and Studies.

“We are truly proud of our OOSM team, whom we consider to be the best, the most creative and passionate people in the industry today. This formidable team of strategic thinkers and doers are what drives our company even further toward reaching our goals,” Salud-Margon further states.

OOSM Solutions Turns 1 in the Philippines“We are excited at the prospect of expanding further our operations in the Philippines, given the success we experienced during our first year. We will definitely look fonivard to opening more sites here,” Salud-Margon emphasized.

I have been part of the BPO industry for about 10 years before venturing into online freelancing. I’m proud to have been part of it, and I’m glad that the industry continues to grow. During the press conference, the OOSM executives willingly responded to the media’s questions.

Based on their responses, I gathered that OOSM Solutions seeks to establish operations on every site they put up for 1 year before moving on to expanding further. I’ve learned that a year after the Cavite operations, they will also be expanding in Batangas, Dumaguete, and Palawan in the next four years. For me, that’s a very good strategy as it allows the organization to focus on the operations, along with the growing pains that goes along with a new site.

OOSM Solutions Celebrates 1 Year of Operations in the Philippines
OOSM Solutions Executives (L-R) IT Director Randell Gonzales; Business Development Manager Jayghee Gayo; HR Director Maricelle Gayo; and Chief Executive Officer Linda Salud-Margon

OOSM Solutions plans to hire 500 PWDs in each site that they will setup, including the one in Cavite. That’s quite interesting and very promising knowing that the company aims to provide employment to the physically challenged Filipinos. I do hope that this would materialize and be rolled out properly. For more information about OOSM Solutions visit or email [email protected]

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