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Business DealRunning an online business doesn’t mean I am always in front of my computer. From time to time, I get to interact with people face to face. Aside from meeting customers who prefer to get their bags through meet up, there are those who would also want to check our products personally before ordering or making a purchase. These customers are very inquisitive. They ask a lot of questions. When I was just starting out, I have to rely on quick thinking to be able to respond to every questions thrown at me. I have been doing the business for almost three years now, so I know my stuff. This allows me to answer all questions with confidence.

Confidence can get you through any situation. And to achieve that, you really have to prepare, no matter how experienced or knowledgeable you are in any situation. But there are instances when you will enter unfamiliar territories. By focusing on what you can do, you can play your cards right and overcome any challenges. You’ll be surprised at what you can achieve.

My knowledge in doing business played out well when I was invited to be one of the featured merchants in the Multiply PhilippinesMedia launch. But I only learned that I will be talking in front of many people during the event. That was such an unfamiliar territory for me. Sure, I love sharing my experience becoming an entrepreneur. But in front of media people? That’s a big NO!Multiply Media LaunchWhile we prep up for the main event (that’s us!), I psyched myself up. By focusing on my story and just being myself, I survived the interview and responded to all questions with confidence. One person even came up to me and said that I was actually speaking like a true marketer, pitching my business well. Whew!

On August 24th, I will be guesting on Jam 88.3‘s Radio Marketplace with DJ Lana to talk about my business. When I received the invite, I was excited! I dreamed of becoming a radio broadcaster that I wanted to study broadcasting in college. That did not happen, studying accounting instead. I never thought I’d have such an opportunity to be on a radio booth, speaking up and being heard on the airwaves. But as I write this, my nerves are starting to get into me. This is another unfamiliar territory. But because I know my stuff, I can pass this challenge with confidence.

If you have the time, tune in to Jam 88.3 on August 24th, at 2PM. We might have some surprises for you. Would love to receive feedback on my interview as well by commenting on this post. Your thoughts are welcome!

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