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Mama at Work in Taiwan

Loved Ones and the Moments Away from Home

If you’re a regular reader of The City Roamer, chances are you came across my blogs about Max’s Restaurant at least once. Yep, the restaurant that fried chicken built has been part of my life as a blogger and a customer. One of the service I enjoyed is Max’s Online Delivery.

I always take advantage of these online ordering services from different restaurants in the Philippines, not only because it’s convenient, but also because I don’t have to make a call just to get my food delivered at my doorstep. Tipid, di ba? 😉 But Max’s has been at the forefront of this service that they have enabled online ordering overseas. The service makes it all easy for our family and friends working and living abroad to send love ones in the Philippines good food, and technically bond with everyone even from afar.

me and mama at my elementary graduationI suddenly remembered my mom and our bonding moments as we share a Max’s Fried Chicken whenever she can. This went on since I was a kid and was put to stop when she worked overseas for years. During that time, she would try to make up for her absence by sending us packages or even balikbayan boxes filled with goodies every now and then, particularly during special occasions. Those were moments when we’d be so happy unwrapping those chocolates, clothes, etc. But those were also moments when I’d miss her so much and wish she’d just come home. She would even send money for my cousin to celebrate her birthdays. As a single parent, my mom would always make sure she’d send me money and gifts during my birthdays, Christmas or even if there’s no reason to celebrate. That’s her way of remembering us and expressing love to everyone of us here in the country.

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Mama at Work in Taiwan

But life is not always easy and sometimes my mom would even apologize that she’s unable to send more than she would have wanted. I know how difficult it can be to want to provide for your family but you can’t. It makes life difficult because you’re far away and can’t even hug and kiss your family. Also, sending money or even those balikbayan boxes filled with special items are costly and time consuming when compared to ordering Max’s delicious dishes online. If only Max’s Online Delivery Service was available then, she wouldn’t have to suffer emotionally and simply order food for us during those special moments. Then we’d be able to send her our photos enjoying our favorite Filipino favorites from Max’s and she’d be able to share the good times even when she’s far from home.

Christmas with my cousins

Today, loved ones and the moments away from home need not be so devastating. With four different options available at Max’s Online Delivery system, our loved ones overseas can express their love and care to friends and families in the Philippines and feel like they’re celebrating and bonding with everyone. In fact, we don’t even have to go abroad just to bond with our loved ones. You can also place an order even if you’re living anywhere in the Philippines and show your love even when you’re away from home.

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  1. I love old school family pics, esp during the 80’s 🙂 I understand how hard (and sweet) is it to deal with mom working abroad and her being a single parent. Your mom rocks!

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