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Recognizing the Unsung Heroes in My Life

Unsung hero

For almost 8 years, I lived alone after my mom passed away in 2005. Despite being an adult, I do miss feeling being loved and taken cared of. Good thing I get that from time to time, and then some from my auntie and cousin, the unsung heroes in my life. I now live with them because it feels crazy being alone. This is actually the second time we’re living in one room. For the longest time in my life, we live together with my mom and uncles. We’re quite a tightly-knit family. But life is not always perfect and so came a point when we all had to go separate ways. And so I thought I should keep it that way when my mother went to heaven. I was touched to see my auntie and cousin show concern even when I’m away. There was even a point when i ...

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Book Review: I Wish They Taught Money in High School

I Wish They Taught Money in High School

Late December of 2013, I received the book entitled “I Wish They Taught Money in High School” for the purposes of reviewing it. Unfortunately, I had to delay reading it because my cousin went through it ahead of me and gave me negative feedback about it. I wanted to be fair but I couldn’t shake off the words of my cousin. Finally, I got through the book despite the negative “review” dangling at the back of my mind. Having read the book, I can tell where she’s coming from, but that’s not something that should prevent her from seriously considering the nuggets of wisdom shared on this book. And neither should anyone for that matter, especially if you want to learn about money and how to grow it to your advantage. The Book Yes, the book “I Wish They Taught Money in High School” talks about money with the aim ...

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Of Cory Monteith, Addiction and Family

Cory Monteith

I’m sure by now everyone knows the real cause of death of Glee star Cory Monteith. A mix of alcohol and heroin killed the 31-year old actor who was found dead inside his room at a hotel in Vancouver. Such a waste for a talented person at a time when he’s at the top of his game. Why did he continue taking these substance despite being aware of his addiction and even after recently going into the rehab? Nobody can really tell. But as I read news about the development of Monteith’s case, I learned that he has been into drugs since his teenage years. I also read somewhere, a friend sharing that the actor was trying his best to stay away from drugs but just couldn’t. His body was already cremated immediately after a private viewing at the hospital. News states that only his mother, brother and girlfriend, Glee ...

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Loved Ones and the Moments Away from Home

Mama at Work in Taiwan

If you’re a regular reader of The City Roamer, chances are you came across my blogs about Max’s Restaurant at least once. Yep, the restaurant that fried chicken built has been part of my life as a blogger and a customer. One of the service I enjoyed is Max’s Online Delivery. I always take advantage of these online ordering services from different restaurants in the Philippines, not only because it’s convenient, but also because I don’t have to make a call just to get my food delivered at my doorstep. Tipid, di ba? 😉 But Max’s has been at the forefront of this service that they have enabled online ordering overseas. The service makes it all easy for our family and friends working and living abroad to send love ones in the Philippines good food, and technically bond with everyone even from afar. I suddenly remembered my mom and our ...

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A Cupid Roamed SM Southmall


It’s the love month and tomorrow, it’ll be Valentine’s Day. Do you have a Valentine? Or are you still waiting for little cupid to strike your heart with his arrow? Have you heard that a cupid roamed SM Southmall lately? Check this video out. Don’t dare miss it. Even the love of your life might not be able to give you this much sweetness. 🙂 That cute little boy giving roses is Jacobo. He definitely looks like a little Cupid, though he tossed the diapers and wore a suit and tie instead. Credits to the people behind this cute video. Starring: Jacobo aka “The Heartbreak Kid” Special thanks to SM Supermalls ❤ Shot on location @ SM SouthMall Music: ‘Be My Valentine’ by Tim McMorris Conceptualized, directed and edited by Derek Wanner GRNMNGO – the viral company Director of Photography — Pong Ignacio 2nd Camera Operator — Caloy Mauricio ...

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Cars Parked on the Street or Sidewalk are Nuisance

Street Parking

There, I finally said, and I’ll say it again. Cars parked on the street or sidewalk are nuisance. I have been wanting to say this but sort brushed it off. But recently, I find it so inconvenient that I have to be very careful as I walk the street just because there are cars parked along the road. They do make the streets narrow, hence, making it difficult and unsafe for pedestrians to walk freely. That’s aside from the traffic that these parked cars could cause during rush hour. Take this photo I came across in Manila. Clearly, this is a main road but the vehicles parked are taking a big chunk of the road, almost half of it. We obviously don’t have a very solid urban planning. Heck, I would say there’s no urban planning at all. Hence we don’t have a good road system. Most of streets are ...

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Goal: Healthier in 2013

Healthy 2013

By now, either some or all of you are breezing through New Year’s resolution with ease or struggling to get started. I personally don’t have a list, but I do have goals for 2013. One of them is being healthier in 2013. I was sick during the last week of December 2012, immediately after Christmas Day. There I was, on my bed, chilling, having a hard time getting up just to get myself a glass of water. Although things became better towards the latter part of the week, I was still not feeling well that I missed one important engagement. I hate it! I hate being sick. I hate missing out on opportunities. Thus my goal for 2013 is to be healthier. Sure there are vitamins, fruits, veggies and exercise that will help me achieve that physically. But aside from that, I want to have a clean environment to ensure ...

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More To This Life in 2013

happy new year 2013

It’s the year 2013! The year 2012 has been great for me. Others say the past year has been challenging. Still, from a recent survey I heard in the news revealed that Filipinos are optimistic of  2013. I look forward for more to this life in 2013. It’s good to hear that our countrymen looks forward to a better year in 2013. Indeed, a new year gives us a new life, a chance to start over for the better. But to achieve the best potential that this year has to offer, we must remember that there is more to this life. We cannot simply go about our lives and say that life just goes on and expect that good things will simply fall in place.Albert Einstein’s quote on insanity says it all – “doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” Some things needs to change ...

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First Steps with a Canon Camera

Christmas Tree Taken with a Canon PowerShot A10-02

As I was reviewing the photos I downloaded from my Multiply personal account, I came across some of my early shots with my first digital camera, my first steps with a Canon Camera. Back in December 2005, I bought a 2nd hand Canon PowerShot A10 digital camera. Back then, gadgets were quite expensive. I can only drool of having my very own camera. A colleague decided to sell his camera and I immediately grabbed the opportunity, beating my other officemates who are also interested in buying the camera. It was my first point and shoot digital camera which I intend to use for my birthday (December 8), Christmas and New Year Celebration. I wanted to capture the moments with my mother, who, at that time was suffering from cancer. I figured it would be a great opportunity to bond during the celebrations I mentioned. Little did I know that I ...

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Will I Find Myself Living in Kansas City Homes?

Kansas City Business District

I have friends living in the USA and one of them in Kansas City, Missouri. This is not where she originally resides, but found herself transferring for a very private reason. Does that mean I will find myself living in Kansas City homes one day? She is actually one of my best friends and she has been telling me to stay at her place should I decide to visit America. During the course of her planned move to this city, one of her goal is to find a place to live in. I wonder how she found her new place. But if that was me, I’d have a checklist to make sure I find the home of my dream. Let me share with you my checklist: Location – I want a home where transportation is accessible so I can quickly move around and reach my destination. The place I live ...

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