Recognizing the Unsung Heroes in My Life

Unsung HeroFor almost 8 years, I lived alone after my mom passed away in 2005. Despite being an adult, I do miss feeling being loved and taken cared of. Good thing I get that from time to time, and then some from my auntie and cousin, the unsung heroes in my life.

I now live with them because it feels crazy being alone. This is actually the second time we’re living in one room. For the longest time in my life, we live together with my mom and uncles. We’re quite a tightly-knit family. But life is not always perfect and so came a point when we all had to go separate ways. And so I thought I should keep it that way when my mother went to heaven.

I was touched to see my auntie and cousin show concern even when I’m away. There was even a point when i encountered financial challenges and they were very much willing to lend help, not just on money but in other stuff I need. I couldn’t have made it on my own without them in my life. I know they also go through some challenges but they were willing to make a stretch just to help me out.

And when things did not improve on my end, that’s when they offered that I live with them. I was not comfortable with the idea but I was desperately wringing my situation that I know it’s the practical thing to do. Aside from getting a shot in the arm, so to speak, I also felt that I still have a family, and that’s something that I’ve never felt for a long time. I’m really glad that they welcomed me in their home and made me feel at home. Me with my unsung heroes

I thank God for giving me the unsung heroes in my life. They were willing to give even if they are also in need. What they’ve done gave me a better perspective in life and family. With my auntie and cousin, I’m a survivor and a better person now than before.

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