Morning Motto: Dealings On Life Everyday – Be Actively Nixing All Negativity Always

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We all face different situations everyday. Sometimes they’re pleasant. Sometimes they’re not. There were times when you wished you stayed all day on your bed instead. But life can really treat you unfairly and there’s nothing you can do but face it. Maintaining a positive attitude can help greatly. It may sound a cliche but that’s the truth. Unfortunately, there are lots of negative things or people that can affect your mood no matter how positive you are. That can add to the challenge. How do I cope with it? By making sure I reject all forms of negativity.

This has been my mindset ever since I became aware how negative things and people affect my way of coping with life. I have to admit that I have contributed a certain level of negativity to people and situations. I have the right to express my frustration or whatever bad things that affects my life and I say it out loud. Unfortunately, I ended up dwelling on the negative despite not having such a disposition. I became grumpy.

The turning point was when I had the opportunity to work with a group of people with a good mix of positive and negative attitude. There was a situation where everyone was having an issue with our boss. While the team was pointing out and voicing concerns, I heard a group sharing perspectives in a different way. Comparing the whiners’ opinion to the issue against the other perspective, I realized I am slowly drawn away from the negative thoughts and is leaning towards the other. Although not entirely positive, the other point of view lets me breathe and approach the issue in a better way. I also felt worn down whenever I listen to all the negative opinions in the office. From then on I made a decision to deal with life differently — by adopting a more positive attitude.

Adopting this mindset is not easy. But everyday, I remind myself that being positive will always do me more good than harm. I practice self-awareness to steer myself away from being negative and look at things in a better way. Each day, in the morning, I pray to make sure that all the negative things on my mind are flushed away and give me hope for a better day. It’s healthy that way because it lets me start the day with a fresh outlook in life and a better way to approach things. Then I move on to enjoy a good breakfast.

Part of my breakfast is a piece of banana. Just like having a positive mindset, there was a time when I don’t eat banana often. It’s one of my least favorite fruit despite knowing its health benefits. I know that it’s rich in Potassium and other minerals like Magnesium and Phosphorus, plus of course, Vitamins A and C, to name a few. Good thing I came across the Cavendish variety by Dole sold at convenience stores. When I was still working in a call center, a quick trip to 7-Eleven is the easiest thing to do to grab a snack. I was trying to be healthy and so I picked up a DOLE Banana. I thought to myself that it will definitely fill me up easily because it’s big, plus it’s not junk food. To my surprise, I enjoyed eating it!

From that point on, the Dole Banana has been part of my daily diet, eating more than once in a day. Although I’m far from consciously choosing healthy food, I know I made a step towards healthy-eating by eating banana everyday. Soon, I’ll take another step and move closer to that goal. Enjoying a Dole Cavendish Banana is more than just enjoying the health benefits I can get from it, it’s also a good reminder to be focused and remain positive. I came up with a good motto with it — dealing on life everyday: be actively nixing all negativity always — short for DOLE Banana

Incidentally, Dole Philippines is having a campaign called Banana Morning Motto. The company aims to help consumers seize their day starting in the morning and inspire others by encouraging to enjoy and take pride in being positive every morning. To take part in this campaign, just write down your daily morning motto on a banana and take a picture of it. Then visit Dole Fresh Philippines‘ Facebook Fan Page and click the “Like” button. Click on the Banana Morning Motto Application on the left tab of the page. Then upload the picture of a DOLE® Cavendish Banana with your morning motto written on it.

You can go further by sharing your photo with friends. This way you get to influence and inspire them with your motto. You also get a chance to win great prizes from Dole Philippines if you get votes. Now that’s a great price for being positive!

The promo is ongoing from August 5 to September 4, 2011. That means you only have a few days to take part of this positive campaign and a chance to win prizes from The Spa or free Zumba classes! Checking out the gallery, I noticed entries that has inspired me with their mottos and creativity, prompting me to join as well. So what are you waiting for? Join now! Of course, don’t forget to vote for my entry! You can view it on the Banana Morning Gallery. See below for reference. 🙂

That’s right. My entry is Dealings On Life Everyday — Be Actively Nixing All Negativity Always. What do you think? Don’t you agree? We should all do away with negativity and move on to become positive. You can channel your negative energy to push through and become more positive. Whether you agree or not, share your thoughts below. If you have a motto to share, include them too. In fact, why not write it on a DOLE Cavendish Banana and join the Banana Morning Motto?

Check out the promo mechanics for more details! You can also find answers to frequently asked questions for additional information.

Per DTI-NCR Permit #5769  . Series of 2011.


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