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Goldilocks Party Feast

A Goldi-Good Christmas with Goldilocks Party FunFeast

Office Christmas Party IllustrationHave a Goldi-Good Christmas with Goldilocks Party FunFeast. Enjoy a mouthwatering bounty of traditional and timeless favorites like palabok, barbecue, chicken, and more! Choose from an array of Filipino specialties, such as sotanghon, chicken barbecue, lumpiang shanghai. Everyone will definitely enjoy the party, be it at the office, corporate events, get-togethers with your departments etc.

Goldilocks Party Feast SpreadThis season, Goldilocks, the country’s number one bakeshop, is ready to join you in celebrating the generous spirit of Christmas with a festive and truly Filipino feast. Bring the warmth of Filipino cuisine to your festivities with the Goldilocks Party FunFeast. There’s a variety of convenient packages and add-ons to liven up your holiday banquet, with their Celebration Packages ranging from the affordable price range of P999-P1999.

Indeed, a lot of us feel that our offices are much like a second home. Adding dinuguan, beef caldereta, and kare-kare to your Christmas feast gives your party down-to-earth, homey feel. Of course, Pinoy celebration won’t be complete without a Goldilocks dessert. The Party Funfeast offers leche flan and its signature Choco Overload roll to share with your coworkers for a sweet holiday finale. And you can keep calm and Christmas party on. Yep, no more stress. 🙂

Keep Calm and Christmas Party OnEnjoy a Gold-Good Christmas with Goldilocks Party FunFeast. Visit the Goldilocks Bakeshop near you to find out more about how you can liven up your Christmas celebration. You can get more information about the Goldilocks Party FunFeast by calling 888-1-999.Goldilocks Party Feast

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