Fathers’ Day Means Father’s and Family Time

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Nino Castroverde with wife and sonFather’s Day in advance. During the quarantine period, families have found new ways to cope with the added time spent indoors. For Jollie Deposo, it meant having more time to spend with her husband, Niño Castroverde.

“He usually goes home late due to the errands he has to run as a barangay official, so my kids and I try to make the most of his time when he is at home,” Jollie explained.

“We also try to attempt new activities every day as our routine before the pandemic was to simply go out with our children,” she added.

Barangay Kagawad Nino Castroverde with fellow barangay officials

As a Barangay official, Niño has been continuously busy throughout the pandemic often with little to no room to rest. “He is a provider, not only for us but also for his jurisdiction, which shows his selflessness towards other people,” Jollie concluded.

Barangay Kagawad Nino Castroverde with packed goods for his constituentsGoldilocks, the country’s number one bakeshop, sees the sacrifice that fathers like Niño are making every day. To honor their sacrifice, they are surprising fathers like him with a special Premium Chocolate Mousse Cake made especially for Father’s Day.

Family time for Nino CastroverdeGoldilocks is celebrating Father’s Day for the whole month of June because our Dads deserve more than just a day of celebration for their love and care. With the desire to celebrate hardworking Frontliners like Niño Castroverde and his family, Goldilocks will be sending cakes to deserving families throughout the month.

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