Sony BRAVIA Android TVs- Perfect Big Screens for Work and Play

Sony BRAVIA Android TVs for work and play

Sony Philippines puts the spotlight on its Sony BRAVIA Android TVs. These are the BRAVIA X8007H and X9507H large-screen series made for the go-getters and thought leaders who champion success. These Sony BRAVIA TVs personify your hard work because these are the perfect big screens both for your entertainment and business activities.

Now that everyone’s home most of the time and all activities are transitioning to digital, bigger screens are the next big thing as it allows better communication at work. For your virtual meetings, conferences, or online engagements, you can freely connect your laptops to these TV models for a bigger, better, and more exciting experience. This prompts for an easier online session compared to the previous ones wherein everything is compressed on a small screen.

Sony BRAVIA Android TVs for work and playAnd with your tight schedules, these models make everything easy and accessible for you because of its compatibility with Google Assistant, Google Home, Alexa, Apple Airplay/Apple HomeKit for seamless hands-free control.

And when not hard at work, it’s time to play hard. The best way to unwind and celebrate a productive week is with these Sony BRAVIA Android TVs that give off a supreme resolution. The BRAVIA X8007H is powered by Sony’s best-in-class X1 4K HDR Processor and features X-Balanced Speakers where the sound quality and slimness of the TV complement each other so you could further enjoy movies and music.

Sony BRAVIA Android TVs at workMeanwhile, the Sony BRAVIA X9507H is powered by the X1 Ultimate Processor and features Acoustic Multi-Audio that includes two sound-positioning tweeters at the back of the TV that enables sound to follow the action for a truly immersive experience.

You get what you deserve with these Sony BRAVIA Android TVs. The Sony BRAVIA X8007H and X9507H series are perfect big-screen TVs for go-getters and thought leaders who invest only in the best and want only the best.

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