Best Memories of Mom

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She Guanzon with her mother and sisterMany of us have the best memories of mom. Treasured moments in time when everything seemed to stop because whatever was happening at the time was so meaningful. For some, just like mine, it’s the time mom came home after spending years working abroad.

For others, it’s the time they spent together with their mom on a regular afternoon, without the world in a crisis. For others, especially those who are on the frontlines of the health crisis, their fondest memories of their mothers help them get through the days.

“My mom raised us without my father, so I guess my best memory of her was when my siblings and I had both graduated from college,” enthused She Guazon, a nurse at The Medical City. “Our Mama is our superhero. She’s a real fighter.”

This fighting spirit seems to have been instilled in She as well, as she’s taken on some of the more challenging aspects of quarantine. “I currently stay in the hospital and haven’t gone home since the start of the Enhanced Community Quarantine. This is to ensure that my family will not get infected.”

Being away from your family in the middle of a tense situation is very difficult. It’s no surprise that She finds herself reminiscing about times she spent with her mom before the Enhanced Community Quarantine. ”I miss our bonding sessions when we would go shopping and to the supermarket on my days off. We were always out!.”

Frontliner She Guanzon at the hospital

While difficult, these times are made a little bit easier by remembering our mothers and all the hard work they have put into raising us. “I’m thankful that she never gave up on us, even raising us all by herself because my father died. She was able to manage all the trials of being a solo parent. I am so proud of her, for her sacrifices and for her love for us.”

Like so many medical practitioners, She was not able to be at home to celebrate Mother’s Day with her mom. Goldilocks honors the sacrifice of these brave frontliners and hopes to help them celebrate Mother’s Day amidst the challenges they face every day. Goldilocks surprised She’s mother with a cake to celebrate Mother’s Day.

Goldilocks is celebrating mothers for the whole month of May because our moms definitely deserve more than just a day of celebration for their love and care. With the desire to celebrate hardworking frontliners like She Guazon and her family, Goldilocks will be sending cakes to deserving families throughout the month.

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