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Blockchain Accounting Workshop by Blockchain Collective
Blockchain Accounting Workshop by Blockchain Collective

Future-Proof Your Career with Blockchain Collective

Blockchain Collective Team in the PhilippinesDo you know that you can now study Blockchain in the Philippines? Yes, at Blockchain Collective. If you’re in the industry of technology or finance, it’s very likely that you’ve heard of this term. It’s a technology of growing lists of records with high level of security that nobody can take a peek on what type of transaction has transpired, and the communication happening in that transaction. The first time I heard about it is when I encountered Cryptocurrency.

But it’s more than just Cryptocurrency and Bitcoin. Blockchain and distributed ledger technologies (DTL) is actually being embraced by businesses slowly but surely. Aside from investments, it’s also being applied to media, storage, even real estate. And that means there’s a need for professionals skilled at Blockchain.

But obviously, because the technology is new, there’s not much who can meet the demand. The good thing is, all of that is changing because there are organizations making efforts to educate the professionals. Just recently, I discovered that Filipinos can now study Blockchain and start the journey of a well-paid expert.

Blockchain Collective co-founder Mr Austin Lewinsmith

Blockchain Collective co-founder Mr Austin Lewinsmith

Blockchain Collective, Australia’s first and only Government Accredited Advanced Diploma of Applied Blockchain, is now in the Philippines. The organization is a leading blockchain education body empowering enterprise, educators and students for a future in blockchain and distributed ledger technologies. Servicing the growing demand for qualified and skilled people in the application of blockchain worldwide, its education is designed to equip graduates with the knowledge and experience to apply blockchain frameworks into business.

Mr Austin Lewinsmith, co-founder of Blockchain Collective, talked about the technology and the learning opportunity to meet the growing demands in various industries. He mentioned that industry research showed a lack of skilled people in this field.
“There are lots of people who understood coding on the blockchain but when it came to actual strategic thinking on how to apply blockchain to business, that is when there’s a massive gap in the market.”

Mr Austin Lewinsmith talks about the demand, the skills gap and education

Blockchain Collective offers seminars, workshop, and an Advanced Diploma of Applied Blockchain, facilitated by experts. The new course has been developed to ensure that this emerging industry has enterprise ready graduates with the knowledge and experience to apply blockchain frameworks in existing and new businesses,” said Lewinsmith. “Currently, there are lots of universities that are doing blockchain short courses but without any certifications,” he added.

Last May 2-3, the first-ever Blockchain Accounting Workshop by the Blockchain Collective was held at the San Beda University in Manila. The said seminar was designed to prepare 200 Accounting and Finance students with a sound foundation of blockchain knowledge to confidently sit the CPA exam. Training combines a theory, practical and a demonstrative approach.

First-ever Blockchain Accounting Workshop at the San Beda University in Manila

The first-ever Blockchain Accounting Workshop by the Blockchain Collective at the San Beda University in Manila

The two-day intensive workshop delivered practical and relevant skills, knowledge and examples of Blockchain’s uses, benefits and limitations as it relates to accounting and the financial sector. It guided the students through the process of understanding Blockchain’s history, evolution, terminologies, current place in the market and its potential to disrupt many industry sectors.

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Seminar attendees were also given the opportunity to navigate a blockchain explorer. Included for the seminar are lifetime access to Learning Management System and resources (via online portal), seminar kits, online examination and Certificate of Attendance that is recognized globally.

This is a laudable from university. According to Dr. Jackqui Moreno, Vice Dean-Accountancy & Business of the College of Arts and Sciences, San Beda University, the accountancy profession has evolved so much for the past years. And since the Board of Accountancy already included it in the course outline of the CPA Licensure Examinations that it becomes more prominent to the academe to bring to the students what the industries really demand from the graduates.

Dr Jackqui Moreno of San Beda University“We like to make sure that the students understand in the accountant’s perspective what blockchain is all about, because if you are not transparent about the transaction then many people will be losing trust in the transaction processing. And understanding this really will help our students become future professionals who really understand how technology affects corporate governance, and how it will also be affecting the business community,” she explained.

“We are passionate about offering emerging technology education to our students and are pleased to be the first delivery partner of Blockchain Collective in the Philippines,” said Dr. Moreno.

Also present during the press conference is Joseph Chua, President of Blockchain Collective-Philippines. He said that the company aims to solidify the Philippines as the leading hub for talented and employable graduates in Blockchain. Imagine Filipinos being able to meet the growing demands of Blockchain? That would be awesome!

Cryptocurrency is my first encounter with BlockchainAs Lewinsmith pointed out, many of the companies overseas they’ve spoken to has a team of coders from the Philippines. Now if those coders are equipped with this skill, their career is definitely future-proof. To learn more about Blockchain Collective, visit https://bccollective.io or follow https://www.facebook.com/blockchaincollective/.

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