HP Pavilion x360 Laptop Lets You Pursue Your passion

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living as a digital nomad, working at the airportPursuing your passion is definitely a reality in today’s generation. And HP Pavilion x360 wants to help you do it even more. With the internet age and technology, the millennials are quite lucky that they can do what they want. When I was young, life was somehow a challenge that I had to decide to thread the normal path of the corporate world despite wanting something else.

It’s a good thing that now, at my age, I was able to ride the tide and get to enjoy blogging, working from anywhere, and travel without sacrificing the quality of life that I wanted. I may not be a millennial, but that doesn’t mean I can’t pursue my passion. But doing what I want isn’t always easy. It takes more than just commitment and hard work, especially in my field where I deal with social media and content creation.

I have to keep coming up with ideas to promote what I do. Researching for new trends, ideas, and tools is an ongoing thing. And of course I need a stable internet connection, an equally hardworking and reliable devices, and equipment that can help me accomplish what I intend to do. This is aside from learning and develop new skills to level up on what I can offer.

The HP Pavilion x360That’s why I’m always on the look out for powerful laptop that will fit my needs. Recently, HP Philippines introduced the Pavilion x360, its latest flagship laptop that boasts of power and unmatched flexibility to help young individuals further pursue their passions and aspirations, in more ways than one.

At a YOUnique Gathering at the Yardstick Coffee in Makati City, HP Philippines welcomed some of the country’s leading bloggers and gave them a first-time, first-hand experience of how the HP Pavilion x360—featuring the latest technology and an ultrathin and light design—is made flexible so passion-driven individuals like them can truly have the means to pursue their interests and freedom to express their individuality, through different points of view.

bloggers at the panel during the launch of HP Pavilion x360“HP Pavilion x360 combines power and flexibility not only to meet the discriminating needs of goal-oriented individuals, but also to make it more convenient for them to achieve their passions, no matter where they are, through whatever way they want,” said Dos Roque, HP Philippines Marketing Manager for Personal Systems. “With the HP Pavilion x360 laptop, passionate people now have more power and flexibility in their hands to accomplish goals that they have set for themselves.”

Expressing one’s passion in the internet

The event showcased an intimate audience discussion on expressing one’s passion in the digital age. YouTube influencers Kali Vidanes, Nate Punzalan and Nadine Felice led the conversation as they shared insights on new ways of establishing one’s uniqueness on social media through their passions.

The x360 in Laptop Mode
Use the x360 in laptop mode

HP also invited the bloggers to express their passion and uniqueness, and test the reliability and flexibility of the HP Pavilion x360 by asking them to create on-the-spot YouTube videos, artistic sketches and drawings, and Instagram-worthy photos using the latest HP laptops in the YOUnique video, design and photo booths.

The Pavilion x360 in Stand Mode
Watch your favorite movie or TV series on stand mode

Among those who made the rounds of the YOUnique booths were Kali, Nate and Nadine, who guested in each other’s vlogs covering the event, entirely created and uploaded using the HP Pavilion x360.

As a highlight of the launch event, a “Passion Show” was held where all the unique content created by the bloggers was showcased, to celebrate their individuality and the flexibility of the HP Pavilion x360.

Achieving one’s passion with flexibility

For people who are always on the go, the HP Pavilion x360 is a convertible personal computer that can serve as a laptop and a tablet. A durable 360-degree geared hinge lets you easily use the HP Pavilion in four modes—work in laptop mode, watch in stand mode, play in tent mode, and write or draw in tablet mode.

The HP Pavilion x360 in Tent Mode
Switch to tent mode

The HP Pavilion x360 PC has a micro-edge bezel design which makes the 14-inch screen seem bigger, for a more immersive viewing experience, especially when you need to watch DIY videos and other self-help content to continuously improve your craft. The Full HD IPS touchscreen also helps you navigate sites with ease.

This personal computing device runs on up to 8th generation Intel Core i7 quad-core processor, INVIDIA MX130 GDDR5 discrete graphics options and a 512GB SSD and 1TB HHD dual storage, the HP Pavilion x360 can handle numerous photo and video editing and curating tasks that come with keeping an online presence and engaging people about your passion and aspirations. On select models, there is the 16GB of Intel Optane memory for storage acceleration.

Paint or doodle in tablet mode
Paint or doodle in tablet mode

The HP Pavilion x360 is versatile laptop that allows you to pursue your passion and enjoy life just the way you want. These are available in Pale Gold, Sapphire Blue, Natural Silver, and Mineral Silver colors for only P62,990 at all authorized HP reseller outlets nationwide.

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