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Ai-Ai and Bayani in Feelennial Movie

Feelennial Movie Showcases Refreshing Ai-Ai and Bayani Tandem

Ai-Ai and Bayani in Feelennial MovieThe Feelennial movie is unexpectedly refreshing to watch, I like it! The rom-com is top billed by Ai-Ai Delas Alas and Bayani Agbayani, who were paired for the first time, gave such delightful performances. If you’re tired of the usual, then this is a movie to watch.

Feelennial, a portmanteau of “feeling millennials,” is about middle-aged individuals who feel and act like millennials. They are your adorable titos and titas, who stumble into one misadventure after another as they try to adopt the lifestyle of the younger generation.

Ai-Ai plays the role of Madame Bato-bato, a rich single mom who has everything she needs except the attention of her only son Nico, played by actor-model Arvic Tan. She tries to do the activities that her millennial son is into to gain the latter’s attention. In one of her feelennial activities – online dating, she meets Chito (Bayani’s character), a rich bachelor who recently won a huge sum via lotto jackpot.

Arvic Tan

Arvic Tan as Nico, Ai-Ai’s son

Their first encounter doesn’t turn out too well, and what ensues is a flurry of mishaps and misadventures, pitting De las Alas and Agbayani into funny, yet thought-provoking situations on how romance and family dynamic has changed in today’s society.

Raffy Roque

Raffy Roque, as Efril, Bayani’s niece

To be honest, I wasn’t expecting much from the Feelennial movie. At the back of my mind, the scenes will be filled with acting antics that Ai-Ai and Bayani are already known for. I am aware that Ai-Ai is a very good actress, but when it comes to comedy, she has her own brand that is flaunted in comedy movies. Same goes for Bayani.

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That is not the case in Feelennial. They allowed the story to make people laugh and not put much effort into their acting. It’s also refreshing not to hear or see sponsors in any of the scenes of the movie. One of the reason why I seldom watch Filipino movies is because of the blatant product placement, not just once, twice, or thrice. Nope, you won’t find it in the Feeleenial movie.

Joining Ai-Ai and Bayani is a group of young artists such as Nar Cabico, Ina Feleo, Nicole Donesa, Jelai Andres, Sofia Delas Alas, Skelly Skelly, Micah Munoz, Arvic Tan, and Raffy Roque. Each member of the cast gave promising performances. As usual, Nar gave a very strong one as Ai-Ai’s assistant. I think he’s the only one with over-the-top character. Arvic Tan as Nico, Ai-Ai’s son, also gave a notable performance.

You’ll also see special appearances of Martin Nievera, Pops Fernandez, and Paolo Ballesteros. A Martin and Pops special participation is nice to see, especially since they’re not often seen on the big screen.

Feelennial Movie PosterThe Feelenial movie is directed by one of GMA 7’s resident directors, Rechie del Carmen, produced by Cignal Entertainment,  the original content division of the Philippine’s #1 Pay TV provider, Cignal TV, and Pops Fernandez’s DSL Productions, which marks its first venture into film production after organizing successful concerts for over 30 years.

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