Aquaman and Piattos Spicy Seafood

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Aquaman Movie PosterThe video above is the trailer of Aquaman movie. The first time I watched it, I got excited and I know it’s one that I’ll definitely watch this year. I’m excited because among all the superheroes in existence, the King of Atlantis is my favorite when I was a kid.

I watched him on TV in some animated series, read him on comic books. I looked forward to his very own TV series but was frustrated when it didn’t pickup. So to be invited to a block screening sponsored by Piattos is definitely a yes for me. But does the trailer truly lived up to my expectations?

Directed by James Wan, the movie stars Jason Momoa (as Arthur Curry/Aquaman), Amber Heard (as Mera, Aquaman’s love interest), and Nicole Kidman (as Atlanna, The Queen of Atlantis and mother of Arthur Curry). I’m truly glad that the movie did not disappoint. From the visuals, to the story telling, and of course, the acting and fight scenes. Right off the bat, I highly recommend that you go out there and watch it.

There are several scenes that I enjoyed the most. And one of them is when the kid Arthur is inside the observatory where he suddenly became a target of two big bully boys. I also like how the moviegoers were given a glimpse of his younger years without going through so many details.

New Piattos Spicy Seafood flavorAs I watch the movie, I got to enjoy Jack ‘n Jill Piattos Spicy Seafood in its new limited-edition Aquaman packs. Every munch is like being at the beach, just like how the movie transports you in the underwater world. I’m telling you, it’s the perfect snack when you’re having movie time. I loved it as much as I loved the latest superhero movie on the big screen from DC. Jason Mamoa breathed life into Arthur Curry’s character with a lot of personality that not only makes him believable but endearing at the same time.

AquamanIf you compare the personality of Batman and even Superman, they become the serious type when donning costumes. As a matter of fact, when you look at Clark Kent, he seemed like a geeky guy, but that all disappears when he’s wearing his red and blue suit. Not Arthur Curry who grew up with a devil-may-care attitude yet has a soft heart for his family. And that’s visible throughout the movie, even when fighting.Piattos Time with AquamanSimilarly, the new Piattos Spicy Seafood is such a delight to snack on. I can’t get enough of that savory seafood flavor with just the right kick of spice.Jack ‘n Jill Piattos definitely has another exciting way to enjoy snack time with its new flavor. It looks like it’ll be Piattos Time again whether watching the next flix on the big screen or just binge watching at the comforts of my home.

Piattos Spicy SeafoodThe Jack ‘n Jill Piattos Spicy Seafood variant comes in four limited-edition designs featuring characters from the highly-anticipated DC Aquaman movie. Go watch the movie and grab a pack of the spicy seafood goodness this potato crisps now. Hurry and grab the limited-edition Jack ‘n Jill Piattos Spicy Seafood Aquaman packs in leading groceries and supermarkets nationwide.

For updates on the new offering, follow Jack ‘n Jill Piattos’ official Facebook page (@PiattosTime).


Disclosure: I was invited to the block screening of Aquaman and was provided packs of Piattos Spicy Seafood.  I wrote this article with my biases, opinions and insights.

P.S. Stay seated after the credits for a few more scenes in the movie. ?

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